Talent Stacker – Bradley Rice

 “Stop doubting yourself and give yourself a chance to succeed.” Bradley Rice

As companies continue to invest in powerful tools for customer management and sales productivity, they also continue to face a challenge where the demand for technical talent far outweighs the available supply. Our guest today, Bradley Rice is an experienced tech professional and says that anyone can pursue a career in tech, and all you need is a belief in your abilities and taking a chance.

Bradley has worked in the Tech Ecosystem for over 10 years and became one of the highest-paid Tech Professionals in the world making $225,000 working just 20 hours per week. Although this incredible career positioned him to retire at 31 years old, he was determined that he wasn’t done with his professional career and started Talent Stacker as a service to put others on the same path that led him to Financial Independence. He has now helped over 20,000 individuals start their tech careers with no degree, no tech background with a starting salary of over $70,000 in an average of 5 months!

In today’s episode, Bradley talks about the opportunities available in the tech space and more specifically how his company helps people build flourishing careers as Salesforce professionals.

Listen in!

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Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/salesforce-for-everyone-by-talent-stacker/id1613182350

  • What we do at talent stacker is provide resources for people who want to get into tech as a career, and we take anyone and everyone and we help them land entry level jobs.
  • We have helped 10s of 1000s of people through our free resources, and over 1000 people through the membership in just 12 months.
  • We’re looking at about 9 million new jobs being created in the next four years, and so there’s a lot of room for everyone.
  • Sales Force is a mega corporation headquartered in San Francisco, and sells its platform, Salesforce, to hundreds of 1000s of companies all over the world.
  • These companies need Salesforce professionals internally to help them get the most out of these tool, and that’s who we work with.
  • At Talent stacker, we equip individuals with the technical knowledge they need to use the salesforce tool, and also all the soft skills to get jobs.
  • All of our members are guaranteed hands on experience by working on actual Salesforce projects on a volunteer basis.
  • Companies need Salesforce professionals so that they can actually benefit from the value that Salesforce brings to their companies.
  • We have a five day challenge that people can take at talentstacker.com/shock and once done, someone should have a pretty clear understanding of whether or not this is interesting to them.
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  • I’ve been a Salesforce professional since 2010, and I worked one year in office, but then have been working remotely since 2011.
  • Salesforce is cloud where programs are not stored on your computer and so you could access it from any location and don’t need to be in your office.
  • Our program at Talent Stacker is lifetime access and that’s because we’re here to help people with real lives.
  • The program takes five months on average, whose milestones include 3 months of getting Salesforce administrator certification, and working on the LinkedIn presence.
  • After being certified, our members join a volunteer project to polish skills and allow them to work on real projects and be part of a team.
  • For individuals who are still undecided on the direction to take with their careers, they can start with the five-day trial and decide whether sales force career is for them.
  • Stop doubting yourself and give yourself a chance to succeed.


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