Finding Simatree – Patrick McCreesh

“Even if we come up with all the best ideas in the world, but they’re not adopted nor used in any organization, they won’t succeed.” Patrick McCreesh

Organizational alignment is the key to any successful organization. While organizations continue to establish themselves and adopt the latest technology, it also important that they pay attention on their people and how they fit in to the overall vision of the organization. Patrick McCreesh has been studying behaviors within organizations and says that technology has to be centered around people for it to work sustainably.   

Patrick McCreesh provides executive leadership on strategy, analytics, and change management through consulting, facilitation, and research.  He successfully leads teams to develop strategic plans, analytics programs, and guide change management on large-scale transformations.  Patrick designs and executes institutions that are built to last with 18 years of consulting experience including more than a decade with consulting-leader Booz Allen Hamilton.  He is a leader in the global change management community. 

Patrick brings global best practices to each engagement as a Certified Change Management ProfessionalTM, a Prosci Certified Practitioner, and a Project Management Professional.  He also teaches change, leadership, and team development at George Mason and Georgetown Universities, and serves on the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Global Board. 

Patrick has co-authored two books titled,  ‘Stuck: How to WIN at Work by Understanding LOSS’ and ‘Workplace Attachments: Managing Beneath the Surface (Routledge Research in Employment Relations).’ He completed his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Mason University, earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and he holds a BA in Foreign Affairs and History from the University of Virginia.

In today’s episode, Patrick talks about technology and why it is important that organizations consider the people aspect as they adopt technology. He also talks about the motivation behind writing the book, Stuck.

Listen in!

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Stuck: How to WIN at Work by Understanding LOSS’

Workplace Attachments: Managing Beneath the Surface (Routledge Research in Employment Relations).

  • Simatree is founded on the idea that that technology is really about people, and that if you get technology right, you will be able to empower your organizations the right way.
  • When we come in and work with organizations, we start with people by looking at what do people need in order to succeed around their technology usage.
  • Our motto at Simatree is exceptional people empowering exceptional people, and from the start, we’ve wanted to find great people that we could bring together and align with great businesses.
  • Everything for us is about alignment, and when you do that with your people and your technology, then powerful things happen and organizations can realize their potential.
  • Sometimes organizations don’t quite know why they’re rolling out a technology in the first place which can lead to a total mismatch between a strategy with a technology rollout.
  • The goal of what we try to do in our change management work is create a more effective alignment so that people can see themselves in what’s happening.
  • People get stuck because they’re used to doing their jobs and living their lives a certain way, which is informed by what we call MEL: Memory, Emotions and Learning.
  • When we come in to change that, we try and make the most effective to help them understand why they need to create new memories and effective emotions that will help them get unstuck.
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  • My co-author Victoria Grady, and I teamed up and over a decade we have looked at about 130 organizations, pulled the data to write a book.
  • We hope that the book gives someone a little bit of guidance on how they can get unstuck for either something personal or something in the workplace.
  • Each chapter has exercises at the end to help people apply the concepts and the exercises at any level.
  • Research suggests that there was flexibility at the start of the pandemic because people did all go through a shared experience.
  • Now, organizations have a challenge around building culture due to increased flexibility and loss of human connection, yet building culture ultimately does require some connectivity.
  • If you’re not thinking about how you’re creating and teaching the next generation in this time, they are going to walk out of the door because they won’t feel like they’re growing.
  • Even if we come up with all the best ideas in the world, but they’re not adopted nor used in any organization, they won’t succeed.
  • Regardless of your position in your organization, the key to helping people when they’re stuck, is to try to make sure that you understand and connect with them by being empathetic.
  • Make sure you leverage your memories, emotions and learning to connect with other people’s memories, emotions and learning, because that’s how you’re going to get through to them.


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