The Beat of Dreams – Elijah Peterson

Some people believe that every human not only has a birth right, but a responsibility to themselves to pursue what they love and reach their full potential while doing it. Elijah Peterson is one of those people.

Elijah Peterson is  a songwriter and entrepreneur, and the founding member of Endless Potential Studios. He uses his songwriting as a tool to connect the dots on situations he goes through in his everyday life. Long nights in the studio provides an opportunity to take a deeper look into the good, the bad, and the ugly situations we find ourselves in and aims to take his listeners on a journey by painting vivid pictures with his words that allow you to feel like you are experiencing his art rather than listening to it.

In this episode we talk about Elijah’s inspiration, his musical journey, his love of family and his desire to change the world by bringing people together through song. He also debuts a new song that will make you pause, reflect and replay. Please Note: The song is for mature audiences only and may make some people feel uncomfortable. But the message is well worth any initial discomfort. It will make you think.

Elijah attended Morehouse college in Atlanta GA, where he earned his degree in Business Finance. While attending Morehouse, Elijah learned the true definition of resilience, determination, and brotherhood which he transitioned over to his professional life.

During his years at Morehouse, while most of his classmates we interning on Wall Street; Elijah made it his priority to serve his community by returning to his neighborhood each summer to mentor groups of at risk youth in an 8-week program.

Listen in. You will be motivated and moved!

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