It Takes A Village To Raise A Career – Tom Bergeron

How do you create an unbeatable connection with your audience?

Being in media can be overwhelming, especially when you consider the number of people listening to you. However, Tom Bergeron believes that making great connections with your audience starts with the desire to connect with a single person, which can then be built from there. 

Tom Bergeron is an Emmy-award winning television host. You probably know him from America’s Funniest Home Videos (2001-2015) and Dancing with the Stars (2005-2019).

His first job in broadcasting was as a disc jockey at local radio station WHAV, in his home town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Tom has since become an on-air personality where he has hosted multiple show in different media stations, and has contributed his views on Evening Magazine.

In this snippet from his full-length interview, Tom talks about how his career came together through unexpected opportunities. He also gives insights on why it is important to consider how your message impacts people.

Listen in!

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