To Qualify Or Not To Qualify Leads with Michael Sherlock

Sales and especially lead generation is about the journey and not the destination of the process. In today’s episode, Michael Sherlock dives into the lead generation journey.

Michael is recognized as a lead expert in leadership, sales training and customer service. She has over 25 years’ experience and  is dedicated to creating positive, productive, and profitable workplaces, and helping individuals, and businesses unlock their ultimate potential. Before launching her global training company: Shock Your Potential, Michael was the Vice President of Sales for two multi-national medical device companies, responsible for net revenue exceeding $75 million and as many as 500 employees at a time.

Giving practical examples on the walks of life and a glimpse into gardening and the beauty of both sides. Some things may remain the same over a couple of years but some have amazing growth, transformations and dynamics. Depending on the cap you wear, both sides of the coin can be appealing.

In this interview, Michael talks about her diverse experiences in sales and how a step at a time in lead generation will take you further than, living in the future mentality of sales.

Listen in!

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