A True Survivor’s Story – Madeleine Black

Please Note: The nature of this episode may be disturbing for some listeners and requires a mature audience.

Madeleine Black is known as the courage cultivator. Having been gang raped at 13, and raped three more times before turning 18, Madeleine knows trauma. In this episode, she shares how she struggled for many years to bury these dark memories and how she flipped the coin of ‘revenge’ with forgiveness.

With the many cases of sexual violence that have remained unheard, Madeleine highlights the importance of victims speaking up instead of burning inside with bitterness. You just never know what kind of peace awaits you for speaking up.

 Listen in.

Her book, Unbroken: One Woman’s Journey to Rebuild a Life Shattered by Violence: A True Story of Survival and Hope, can be found here: https://amzn.to/2AJ6Iqs

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