Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Janel Dyan

Janel Dyan is the CEO and founder of Janel Dyan. She is an executive brand strategist and an expert on leadership, especially with women. She is also a speaker and the author of Story, Style, Brand – Why Corporate Results are a Matter of Personal Brand (https://amzn.to/2UVZcPU).

In this episode Janel tells us how she helps women build their own brand by telling their own stories. She also explains how she makes people achieve brand alignment for company and customer success by building their own stories.

Ever felt like you have been boxed up in a certain situation that limits you from exploring your potential? Listen in as Janel explains how there is actually no box; but there are questions that you can answer to help you to a step away from the perceived box.

Find out more on Janel from her website https://www.janeldyan.com and her book http://storystylebrand.com

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