Become Best Friends With Money – Gull Khan

“Your inner world has to change in order for the external world to change. “

Often our experiences shape our mindsets and behaviors as well as determine how we respond to situations. Sometimes these experiences may not be the most ideal and end up leaving us with damaging energies that do not serve our best interests. It is therefore important to be self-aware and according to our guest today, Gull Khan, it all starts with acknowledging your inner self and have the willingness to work to be better.  

Gull Khan is an International #1 best-selling author, international speaker, podcaster, Barrister, Attorney, Solicitor, Intuitive Life Coach, an EFT expert, an Energy healer, a Money Mindset expert, and a Mother. 

Gull is a former Banking and Finance Lawyer, who left her corporate job to pursue her passion and become a Money Mindset Expert and Healer. She helps Entrepreneurs break free from their limiting beliefs about money so that they can live a life of unlimited abundance. 

Gull successfully overcame her battle with dyslexia and then completed her Law Degree at Queen Mary, University of London. She then went on to become a Barrister with Middle Temple (UK), Attorney with the New York Bar and a fully qualified Solicitor with the Law Society of England and Wales in the UK. As a lawyer, she has worked for some of the top international law firms, such as Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and Herbert Smith as well as international companies, such as Shell Inc.

Gull is a trained Intuitive Life Coach and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert, with a special focus on money in each discipline. Gull has helped hundreds of men and women to heal their money stories and to manifest between $2000 to $830,000 within 8 weeks. 

Gull lives with her two children, two cats in London and has two passions, money and Bollywood.

In this episode, Gull will talk about her experiences growing up and how these experiences led her to what she does today.

Listen in!

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  • Everything I teach is something that I’ve experienced firsthand in my own life and I’ve sort of come to an awareness around it. [5:08]
  • I didn’t succeed very well as a child but I was dyslexic. [5:28]
  • I was raised by a single mother and worked hard to complete my studies and became a barrister and an attorney at the same time and later on qualified as a solicitor as well. [6:02]
  • I set myself a target to become a millionaire before 30 and come 27 I hit that target. [6:34]
  • I went through similar events my mother went through and I never realized until my aunt pointed out to me. [6:54]
  • The realization was pivotal because instead of going into the victim mode, I decided I had to deal with my own energy and spiritual situations. [8:52]
  • My mastermind is based on the 10 core principles which I had to do myself. [10:14]
  • I had to experience and had to learn how to let go and forgive myself, as well as everyone else who played a part in creating the life of mine. [10:37]
  • Now when somebody else comes to me, I give them a step by step methodology, which changes their life beyond recognition. [10:51]
  • This stuff works because you have to experience it spiritually and move emotionally as well as go through the pain of removing the energy to get the transformation. [11:47]
  • One of the best things that I learned after forgiveness was early money paradigm and that scenario drummed into me how important our earliest money paradigms are. [13:04]
  • Zero to seven years of age is the primary age for your subconscious programming where people learn about everything. [13:19]
  • I realized I had to change the energetic imprint in me because even though I didn’t consciously agree with the belief system, subconsciously I did which were reflected and reinforced. [14:01]
  • Your inner world has to change in order for the external world to change. [14:55]
  • We are too quick to judge ourselves and other people around us based on our external reality, and we don’t want to take the personal responsibility for what shows up in our world. [15:02]
  • Most of the times we go into previous habits and those habits come from our normal way of thinking which in turn comes from our subconscious programming. [19:40]
  • Commercial break. [23:47]
  • What I found with my clients, and myself was all these excuses that we come up about what we don’t have. [26:02]
  • The self image is a major factor where we often get stuck in our own stories and focus more on our shortfalls. [27:01]
  • Entrepreneurial journey is a roller coaster and you have to take both the highs and lows with a pinch of salt. [27:15]
  • If you have issues with money, it will reflect in your business so you need to work more on your mindset. [27:47]
  • If you are not ready to fail, you are not ready for success as an entrepreneur. [28:38]
  • All entrepreneur I have met say the same thing and that is that they failed more often than they [28:45]
  • If you haven’t done the inner work, the first sign of failure and even subsequent ones will make you give up. [29:13]
  • The third important thing is defining reasons why you want to be an entrepreneur and once you do, failure will not an option. [29:23]
  • You are only a failure if you stop trying and so by keeping on in the face of failure, you learn lessons which will give you the biggest boost. [33:51]
  • Every situation has an equal weight in goodness as it has the opposite, it just depends which way you look at it. [34:39]
  • Constantly have the attitude that you can do anything and when you do that you find that you win regardless of what is thrown at you. [35:50]
  • The one thing that you are supposed to be doing with money is becoming best friends with money and treat it with dignity and respect that it deserves. [39:40]


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