Being Around the World – Emily Williams

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” ~ Emily Williams

Have been you wanting to travel and have been struggling on how to go about it? Or simply wondering why you should travel? If so, our guest today has interesting tips and shares interesting experiences that will help us navigate travel.

In this episode we talk about how to navigate travel and the impact it has or can have in our daily lives and change our overall world view.

Emily Williams been travelling around the world for the last fifteen years. Being in a different environment was a real thrill and it opened up her eyes to want to explore the country and the world even more. She knows it so well that she launched her own company Being Around the World Travels, to ensure that travelers are well informed and also well exposed to the best travel experience they can have from beginning to end. In her travel she saw a couple of things that prompted her to start her own company one of them being to deal with diversity and expose mainly people of color to the world one country at a time. Her favorite destination to date is a tossup between Paris and Nairobi. The metropolis in Nairobi rivals any major city. The safari and the beaches rival the Caribbean in Kenya. It’s the ultimate dream vacation.

Listen in!






  • I started Been Around the World Travels [BATW travels] to inspire people of color to travel around the world [02:44]
  • We are trying to change the narrative that people of color do not travel and have the exposable income to travel [03:23]
  • Our first trip was to south Africa in 2016. [03:33]
  • We been to south Africa we’ve been to Ballese, Kenya, Ghana and mainly Caribbean destinations
  • We had a woman in the Greece trip who was so afraid of the water but because we were all in the ocean with her was able to get it and she was like “I never thought that I would be able conquer my fear but with you guys I was able to.” [06:36]
  • Recognizing that once you’ve been to some place that you never thought you go it really opens up your eyes [06:59]
  • I also love the fact that when people come back from where you are taking them they are seeing their place in the word differently. [07:09]
  • My partner and I started our own host agency and that means we can bring other agents under us and train them [10:10]
  • Making sure that our mission; that is to inspire people of color to travel stays at the forefront and once your mission is solid, things present themselves. [11:36]
  • Commercial &Marketing U.  [12:00]
  • Where do you think we should all plan to go [14:06]?
  • You have to get to Kenya it is amazing, it’s a tri-factor [14:18]
  • When you do go to Kenya, double check your room before you check in just to make sure that it is there because they do oversell their rooms because they have so many people coming in and out [16:51]
  • So, when you are sleeping in the safari lodge, when you are out on safari, I’ve just always wondered when the animals are making noise at night are you laying there feeling comfortable or are you like this is just a tent. [17;52]
  • If somebody is sitting there and they are like “I’ve always wanted to go to Kenya, I don’t really know how to start” what do you suggest. [19: 08]
  • You can go with a group if you don’t feel safe, if you are well season traveler you can hire a travel agent to help with the details. [19:38]
  • Is there a better time of the year to go? [20:55]
  • I’d say go there in the winter which is in June/ July it’s not as hot [20:59]
  • If you go to Nairobi definitely stay in the west division it where Obama stays, he stayed in the Villa Rosa Kempinski [21:21]
  • Just go if 2020 taught us anything life is short, anything can happen at any time. If there is somewhere you want to go or something you want to do in your bucket list just do it [23:52]


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