Horizon Travel – Thanassis Phocas

“Greece’s diversity on the landscape, combined with the history and the wonderful culinary experience is something that can surely move any visitor” Thanassis Phocas

When looking out for an outstanding travel destination, Greece always stands out and the amazing part about this tourist destination is that it is always in season. All sites in Greece have something special to offer that will surprise you every single time you visit Greece. But how do you ensure that you get that amazing experience with every visit to Greece? Our guest today, Thanassis Phocas, lets us in into this beautiful travel destination that has been labeled ‘the cradle of western civilization’,  and explains why it is important to seek guidance from local travel experts in order to maximize on the opportunity of having the best travel experience.

Thanassis Phocas is the sales and senior project manager with Horizon Travel.  He was born and raised in Athens and this makes him the best person to contact as you plan to take that trip to Greece. He loves to challenge himself, is a quick adapter and good at multitasking, which is definitely needed in his job.  Horizon travel is a place that will help you to not only expand what you may see of this beautiful country of Greece, but will also give you the desire of travelling there and comfort while you plan your next event.

In today’s episode, we will give our viewers and listeners the opportunity to hear from a travel expert on the amazing destination that is Greece and also why it is important to consider seeking the services of a local expert whenever there are plans to visit any destination, most especially Greece.

Listen in!

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  • I am a member of Horizon travel team, a company based in Athens which operates all around mainland Greece and the Islands. [2:20]
  • I promote the destination of Greece and all that it has to offer both on corporate travel basis as well as individual travel. [3:01]
  • The way the department is set up and its operational guidelines are based on tailor made proposals in line with the guests’ requirements [3:50]
  • The team makes best use of the contacts and the cooperation that have been built between the local vendors and Horizon Travel which has been in existence for more than 70 years. [4:00]
  • This provides reassurance for everybody when travelling with us that they are not on their own during the course of their trip [5:25]
  • Our team steps in to offer travelers the necessary insights needed to align their expectations with their experiences [7:38]
  • There are very many things that can be experienced and the scenery rapidly changes and that experience is amazing for any visitor [10:22]
  • Commercial Break [12:08]
  • Experience depends on what time of the year you visit, which area of the country you find yourself at and what you are aiming for. [14:10]
  • You can be visiting the same country, for ten consecutive years but seeing completely different places with different feeling and experiences [14:33]
  • It may sound hard to be helping people, narrow down to a destination but if you ask enough questions you will get to know what they are looking for in their adventure and then tailor for them. [18:20]
  • It can sound strange for travelers when asked questions by agents but we explain and they understand that the intention is to give them options that best match their requirements. [18:35]
  • The port of Symi is like it came from a fairy tale with the colorful buildings and the shape of the town. It is unbelievable even for us [19:34]
  • There is a little bit of a misconception that a yachting trip can be super expensive, but there are affordable options that are worth considering. [20:50]
  • Considering the very strange days we are currently experiencing; it is important to try and proceed in planning things with the assistance of a local expert to direct you accordingly and accurately [24:00]


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