Live to leave – Judith Fein & Paul Ross

“When traveling, it is those heart to heart human experiences that people carry with them their whole life” Judith and Paul

For those who love to travel around the world, there are always endless opportunities to discover, learn and be a better human being. But how do you make sure that your experiences are personalized even as you travel and fully immerse yourself in the diverse beauty the world has to offer? Our guests today, Judith Fein and her husband Paul will challenge your travel beliefs and practices and present an interestingly refreshing perspective on how you travel, that will make you want to pack your bags and get on that journey to travel and experience the world anew.  

Judith Fein lives to leave. In her 21 years’ experience working in the travel industry, she’s contributed to 110 international publications, blogs about Transformative Travel for Psychology Today; writes a New Mexico travel column and blogs for Santa Fean magazine; is Senior Travel Correspondent for San Diego Jewish Journal; gave a TEDx talk about Deep Travel; is widely interviewed in all media as a travel expert; authored three narrative non-fiction travel books —  LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel; THE SPOON FROM MINKOWITZ: A Bittersweet Roots Trip to Ancestral Lands; and HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD…And How Cultures Do It Around The World.

In today’s episode, our guests talk about approaching travel differently, and how to get deeper, more meaningful experiences every time you set out on that journey to travel anywhere. They will also discuss about photojournalism and offer tips on how to take photos that are different and experiential.

Listen in!

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  • He loves to tell people how they can completely change the way they take photos [ 1:41]
  • It is not about us; it is about the reader and putting them in a participatory situation that makes them want to go out and experience the world more. [2:23}
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be Marco Polo. He travelled the world and experienced things and he didn’t have a trip advisor nor did he have guidebooks. He went and the world opened up to him [3:08]
  • Here you are, going to one of the sites that everyone wants to go to, Machu Pichu, but you are not talking about the ruins of Machu Pichu, you are talking about a girl whose shoes don’t match and a pile of potatoes. [5:11]
  • I was a Hollywood screen writer for thirteen years, and I was miserable. I loved writing as a medium but I couldn’t do it. [6:49]
  • I checked into a monastery to do a silent retreat and I was allowed in for one week. [7:30]
  • My younger sister called and informed me about a new travel show in a public radio. I recorded what happened during my silence retreat which got me a spot as a regular on the show. [8:45]
  • We have done photography and writing, not only to share our experiences and thoughts but also to experience the world we are in. [9:50]
  • If you travel with your whole self, you become curious about other people and go back to the child in you, and ask questions which open up your potential for creative involvement with the world. You open up to having authentic exchanges with people. [10:50]
  • All of us, in one way or another are in sales which sometimes leads to a zone of inauthenticity (12:05]
  • You are bound to make mistakes but being genuinely interested in other people personally and their culture leads to opening all kinds of doors and possibilities and people will share [12:42]
  • Communication of any kind, doesn’t have to be a win- lose, but a chance to connect in a more humane manner. [15:04]
  • It is important to understand the cultural interactions so as to try to accommodate and not expecting that people will accommodate to us. [17:09]
  • Everything you do, from the moment you wake up, you are standing on the shoulders of people who came before you. [18:14]
  • You can plan to go to the oldest place you can find and experience the life of your ancestors and you will suddenly be connected to something larger than yourself [19:10]
  • I would recommend to go to Galapagos Islands because there you will have a different relation with animals for the rest of your life [22.52]
  • We are always asked what our favorite place is but you cannot compare two different experiences because they both great. [25:03]
  • We have seen people arrive in a country that they have never been to before and they get emotional and naturally find their way around [26:44]


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