Chase Your Calling – Wyman Winbush

“One of the things that is most important is not necessarily what you can see as physical attributes, but what you can’t see with regards to one’s mindset.” Wyman Winbush

In order to overcome adversity and live the best and fulfilling life, developing not only the physical, but the mental and spiritual aspects as well is crucial. Our guest today, Wyman Winbush has been able to overcome a lot of adversity in the course of his career and life, and attributes his success to having a resilient attitude and a strong grounding on his spiritual values.

Wyman Winbush, is a Multi-Disciplined Problem Solver  and self-professed polymath* who is known as “The Wisdom Broker.”  He combines 31yrs in Corporate America with 30 yrs in the US Navy , and 30 yrs in ministry to direct individuals, and corporations towards the most direct path to sustained success.

After 31 years, Wyman left full-time employment at IBM and started a consulting/training company called WRW International, LLC with his wife Rosemary. WRW International, LLC is committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring businesses and individuals to reach their maximum and divine potential.  With over 40 years of combined business experience, corporate savvy, military leadership, community volunteerism, and spiritual insight, they are able to leverage their expertise to meet the needs of each client.

Wyman continues to educate and enable others as a professional speaker/trainer which includes working as a member of the DoD Yellow Ribbon Cadre of Speakers. He has also recently agreed to work in a consultant capacity as a Sales Advisor in IBM’s Global Sales School.

In this episode, Wyman will discuss his time in the military and how it shaped his life post military. He will also talk about how he helps people and businesses reach their potential.

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  • I’m a graduate of the Naval Academy, and my journey started in the 10th grade when a teacher asked me whether I had ever heard of the Naval Academy. [4:08]
  • Needless to say that question change the trajectory of my life because I graduated from Naval Academy and became a helicopter Hilo pilot. [4:27]
  • You can’t be in the military regardless of what service without knowing how to be resilient and so I applaud my brothers and sisters who served out there. [5:04]
  • When you get into a business situation, and you’re up against the wall, there’s a lot of things you can do but panic is not an option. [7:41]
  • I didn’t have to go to business school to get that but I learnt those core precepts and principles during the military training. [7:57]
  • The faith element is as much part of me as any other of my physical attributes. [9:03]
  • One of the things that is most important is not necessarily what you can see as physical attributes, but what you can’t see with regards to one’s mindset. [9:10]
  • On my worst day, I find hope in that situation because I expect whatever this is, to work to my favor. [9:43]
  • A lot of times you’ll find that to be true because a lot of the adversity that we encounter builds up our resilience to respond to it or similar circumstances in the future career. [10:00]
  • All else equal, the person that believes that someone bigger than him or her is with them, will go to the battle field more confident that they will win. [11:05]
  • On confidence, it’s not confidence in me, but it’s confidence in the God that I serve and that we’re not in the boat by ourselves, God is with us. [12:11]
  • I believe God does his best work Monday through Friday on the battlefield and so I acknowledge his presence everywhere. [14:47]
  • The testimonies are birthed out of the tests on the battlefield Monday through Friday, on Saturday, and Sunday is when you testify about what he has brought you through. [15:21]
  • Commercial Break. [17:12]
  • The essence of business is you have a product or a service that your clients need. [18:31]
  • The sooner you have identified the true why, it is only then that you can chart a path that represents the most direct route to get there. [19:41
  • The purpose of college is not to obtain a diploma but rather to acquire a set of skills that allows you to bring the most value to the marketplace. [20:09]
  • You only get one chance to distinguish and separate yourself from the pack and if you do it correctly, you don’t have to forego having fun as a freshman. [21:37]
  • Sometimes your clients don’t know what they need and so by adopting a client centric approach you work on enabling them towards divine potential. [23:54]
  • Whatever your calling is, whatever your niche is there are always things you can do to maximize the value you bring to the community. [25:52]
  • To specifically those who have served, thank you for your service. [29:11]
  • One of the things that the world needs right now in the business community is people who are resilient, solid and sober thinker and so our business community and the world needs veterans. [29:29]


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