Color Today Pretty – Stephanie Feger

“There are things you can’t control, but you can allow yourself to find a deeper level of happiness, success, and fulfillment by shifting your perspective.” Stephanie Feger

As social beings, we must acknowledge that we need to seek perspective while interacting and forming relationships. By having an open mind and a willingness to learn, we get to understand ourselves and others better. This is according to our guest today, Stephanie Feger, who believes that people need perspective to guide their actions.

Throughout her life, Stephanie Feger has been in the business of empowering people and helping others uncover the power to their success. However, it was a dream that left her with the charge to reframe how she saw her own life and encourage others to do the same. This dream became the catalyst for her to redefine her success, re-evaluate her personal goals and turn her “what-ifs” into “why-nots.”

Stephanie is the author of ‘Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective’ and Color Today Pretty Guided Journal, where she shares her secrets to harnessing true perspective, the ones she has used to discover the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one. Through her speaking engagements, engaging workshops, and customized learning opportunities, she invites others to embrace perspective even when it may seem most challenging.

After working in the communications and marketing industry for years, Stephanie merged her unique expertise with her life’s passions, founding the emPower PR Group, where she helps nonfiction authors write books that sell, promote their books to those who need and want them most, and build meaningful businesses built on messages that are empowering! Stephanie is also the host of The emPowered Author: Marketing for Nonfiction Authors podcast.

In today’s episode, Stephanie will talk about her book and how it came to be. She will also dive deeper into why she believes having perspective is important both in personal and business.

Listen in!

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  • Unlike many people who decide to grow up and become authors, I did not have a bucket list item to become an author. [4:54]
  • I had every intention to retire from the company I was working at for a decade, and through a serendipitous series of events, someone charged me with doing something different. [5:02]
  • I had been working in PR marketing for 15 years, so I just expected that would be what I always did, but we were impacted by a corporate layoff, which was the best thing for me. [5:32]
  • I decided to publish this book I had been writing that my friend charged me to continue doing, titled “Color Today Pretty,” and has absolutely nothing to do with PR and marketing. [6:03]
  • The essence of the “Color Today Pretty” movement is all about re-evaluating success and helping women and men figure out how to find balance and have a truly fulfilled life. [6:25]
  • I had the opportunity to take this love for perspective, writing, authorship, and empowerment and blend it with marketing and PR to help authors, nonfiction authors specifically spread their words and help their books and messages reach those who want them and will buy them. [7:06]
  • I founded the Empower PR group, and I feel blessed to help all different types of nonfiction authors do that. [7:30]
  • Perspective isn’t limited to personal life; rather, it has extensions in both personal and professional, and when you lead a life with perspective, it’s crazy how what success looks like can be redefined. [7:49]
  • Perspective is so important, and even when something’s so miniscule, if you have perspective, you can actually see deeper levels of happiness that come from it. [9:13]
  • I have found that writing a book is one thing, and marketing is completely another thing. [11:11]
  • As you’re writing the book, it takes so much of you to get it out. It is such a vulnerable experience that you get exhausted and overwhelmed by the process. [11:28]
  • The essence of the emPower PR group is built on empowerment, and I have kind of two ways I do it. There is the done with you, which is a collaborative process, and then there’s the done for you. [11:53]
  • The emPower PR group is built on the done with your process because I find that some of the most successful authors are the ones that realize they need to learn marketing. [12:07]
  • It is very important to me that authors are empowered with that knowledge because for a lot of authors their investment is very [12:31]
  • Since I’ve been there and understand, I’m very organized and don’t believe in moving without a strategy. [12:53]
  • You do not want your book to be a want but a need because people budget for needs, which means your book automatically becomes something already in their budget. [14:57]
  • You have to take a step back, look through the lens of perspective, and figure out how you are fulfilling a solution for someone in a way that they need it, want it, and will buy it. [15:40]
  • Don’t even try to be something for everybody; rather, focus on the people that need you and will be unapologetically directed towards them, then you’re going to make a big difference there. [16:44]
  • Commercial break. [17:40]
  • You can’t control things, but you can allow yourself to find a deeper level of happiness, success, and fulfillment by shifting your perspective. [20:55]
  • I do think that life can happen for a purpose and with purpose. [21:25]
  • When you sit back and reflect on what is happening, you don’t have to be okay with what has happened, but you do get the opportunity to choose how you react and respond to it. [21:29]
  • What’s beautiful about perspective is every moment you get to choose it, so when you’re dealing with a hardship, take a moment, feel that grief and then make the conscious decision not to let that define you. [22:19]
  • From our perspective standpoint, when you talk business, perspective can drive strategy, which should lead your tactics. [22:55]
  • Just because we don’t see things doesn’t mean it’s not happening, but it all boils back to perspective. [27:45]
  • In a world that can be overwhelming and exhausting, I challenge you not to give up, don’t give in, don’t give way but always give value because it will always come back to you. [29:43]


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