Talking to Your Kids about Money – Wes Rutledge

We are empty nesters! The kids are gone from home, their careers are underway, and they have finally begun “adulting.”  But from the get-go they must now face investing questions. How do they avoid getting ripped off or doing something dumb with their money?

Our guest today, Wes Rutledge, served over 27 years as an investment professional with the same regional investment firm. He worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes from first time investors to professionals with over $15 million per client. Working with retirees, small business owners, corporate executives, grandparents, parents and their children and more gave him the drive to write a book to help make the process easier for everyone.

So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? – Wealth-Building Insights for When Adulting Begins in EARNest  ( is for young adults and the people who love them, to help everyone navigate the right discussions, and questions, that will help them gain empowerment over their financial future. In today’s episode we learn actionable strategies to put in practice today.

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