Conscious Capitalism – Gopal Erinjippurath

“Today more than ever, climate is part of the frontier narrative when it comes to the geopolitical landscape or the financial regulatory landscape.”Gopal Erinjippurath

Climate change is now a fact of life on many fronts including geopolitically and in business. As the world becomes more aware of the impact of climate change, more opportunities come up to make a difference. It is however clear, that despite there being a great deal of information out there, many business are unsure about how to interpret and use it constructively. Gopal Erinjippurath has been working with businesses to help them understand better the link between their businesses and the climate.  

Gopal serves as CTO and Head of Product at Sust Global, a venture focused on geospatial analytics for climate adaptation.

Most recently, he led the Analytics Engineering team at Planet Labs (NYSE:PL), an integrated aerospace and data analytics company that operates history’s largest commercial fleet of earth observation satellites. Planet Analytics serves a range of customers from city planning teams in governments and the World Bank to defense and intelligence functions across the world. He is known for agile engineering execution from concept to scalable high quality products. He has been an invited speaker at global industry conferences like Google Cloud Next and leading technical conferences in the machine learning space such as ICML, CVPR and NeurIPS.

Previously Gopal managed teams working on industry-leading analytics products from early concept demonstrations to multiple customers at Captricity (Acquired by NASDAQ:SSNC) and Harvesting Inc, where he advised the CEO. Previously he led the algorithm engineering development of Dolby’s (NYSE: DLB) first imaging display product, the Emmy Award winning Dolby Professional Reference Monitor. Gopal holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California and completed the Ignite Program, connecting technologists with new commercial ventures, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In today’s episode, Gopal about what they do as a business, and why it is important that businesses begin to seek awareness of the impact of climate change to their financial bottom line.

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  • I categorize myself as a scientists and primarily looking at data on geospatial data which is linked to location.
  • We are enabling businesses to understand the impact of the changing climate, to their holdings and their financial bottom line.
  • Today more than ever, climate is part of the frontier narrative when it comes to the geopolitical landscape or the financial regulatory landscape.
  • The access to businesses to clean valid and trusted data around the changing climate across the world has been limited.
  • Sust Global intends to transform that and enable the ability across the economy towards using a shared set of commonly known parameters around climate data.
  • I started my career in multimedia, and later got inspired to pursue a career on focusing environmental data.
  • Climate is a global phenomenon and the changing climate doesn’t affect just one person in a specific way, rather it affects different people in different ways.
  • As climate becomes mainstream in the dialogue on the geopolitical as well as the regional and the Civic scales, we begin to see the desire in the public to invest in climate consciously.
  • When businesses need to enable the climate conscious avenues, then they seek to use climate data in new and creative ways.
  • Pragmatic solutions that brings into account the changing climate need to also account for the state of affairs today.
  • Being able to identify the conflicting demands of the present and the future are kind of what an entrepreneur has to figure out in this fast moving ecosystem.
  • Commercial break
  • There’s a gap between the community that understands climate, and the community that wants to use climate but doesn’t understand it.
  • We are trying to limit that gap in the venues that we serve, but it will take a while, and so the time is now for us to get more educated and aware of what climate actually is.
  • Previously, the big migration angle was around opportunity, and geo arbitrage, but I believe climate is introducing a third dimension.
  • When it comes to opportunity around the emergence of these capabilities, there has been an unprecedented lot of awareness around discoveries and the use of data.
  • There is a growing awareness and people having the sense of purpose, where they start to look at what they can do with their skills to address this problem, and benefit in the process.
  • There is also the emergence of cross functional and interdisciplinary teams, which creates some unique opportunities.
  • One can pick up enough of the foundation knowledge, and create a shared understanding, and then work with others in different domains to create new opportunities.
  • In this connected world where we’re all working remotely, it’s a great time to pick up new domains because big business opportunities exist at the intersection of domains.
  • Inherently product development is an iterative process and being comfortable with imperfection in the early days.
  • Work with others who are comfortable with imperfection, so that they can be encouraging and partner with you on that journey.


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