Count-On-Able -Jeff Cohen

“Both employers and employees need to be empowered to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.” Jeff Cohen

Freedom is the dream of every entrepreneur. Developing leaders and teams with an ownership mindset is the ticket to achieve it. Jeff Cohen, founder of six businesses, now presents Count-0n-Able as the new and rapid success framework that guides CEOs to make this happen. 

Jeff is a seasoned Executive with over 20 years as CEO and has worked with over 300 CEO’s, Business Owners and Executives. He is a sought-after Coach, Speaker and Mentor. He is unashamed of his many failures as they have provided the rich proving ground to accelerated success.

In today’s episode, Jeff talks about his journey being an entrepreneur, his book, and why every leader should inspire their people to be Count-On-Able

Listen in!

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  • When I moved into starting my own company, I found that tech was an interesting niche at the time.
  • When you take small bites, and adjust how you move along the way it improves performance, and enables you to accomplish goals on time, budget, and with all of the features people want.
  • During the economic recession in 2007-2008, I shut my software business down.
  • I started a granola bar business and we started growing it rapidly, but it was really hard work, and the margins were not what I needed them to be.
  • I went to work at IBM, and then did a program called the team management leadership program.
  • I did a self assessment like the very the first three months of the two years and I saw that I was a crappy boss.
  • The number one thing that happens in a company that creates failure is ineffective communication.
  • What makes the difference for people is when there’s effective communication.
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  • Most leaders are not lifting people up into leadership, and the result is that they never have a business that grows with and without them.
  • Both employers and employees need to be empowered to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • The most important thing a business leader can know is what they cannot count their employees for.
  • In a matrix environment, honesty has to start from the top.
  • Don’t just be accountable, be Count-On-Able!


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