Day of Dignity – Lissa Zanville

It is important to listen as well as give your opinion on things because it’s important both ways.” Lisa Zanville

Effective community work requires bringing together the expertise and skills of different people to focus towards common goals. This collaboration is important for community outreach and engagement. Our guest today, Lisa Zanville has been working with various organizations that focus on community service and says that much more is achieved when there are organized efforts towards helping the community.

Lissa Mozur Zanville has more than 30 years of experience in the non-profit, public, and private sectors, including government affairs, media relations, crisis management, community relations, strategic planning, spokesperson training, and stakeholder management. A graduate of UCLA, Zanville worked for the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C., the California Democratic Party, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, the California State Assembly, and Pacific Bell (now AT&T) where she was Director of Media Relations and primary spokesperson.

Lissa started LMZ Communications in 1990. The company provided spokesperson training to corporate, sports, entertainment, and political clients such as Toyota, Microsoft, City of Los Angeles, Knott’s Berry Farm, IBM, Claritin, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the United States Equestrian Federation. Immediately before joining Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities in 2016, Zanville was with the PHASE ONE Foundation, a non-profit that supports early cancer research and clinical trials. For nine years she has served as the sole staff and Executive Director of this $16 million foundation. Zanville lives in Los Angeles with her husband Stuart.

In today’s episode, Lissa will be telling us about Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities and the different ways in which they give back to the community.

Listen in!



  • We started about 15 years ago and it was started by a small group of plaintiff attorneys who felt together they could do so much more than they were as individuals. [3:22]
  • We supported organizations that were in Los Angeles, and there were a few volunteer projects and over the years, it has developed into a large group, making a difference. [4:25]
  • We believe in helping the community in five areas which are children, education, survivors of abuse, persons with disabilities, and homelessness. [4:43]
  • The first way we help is that we raise money, and over the years, we’ve given over $5 million in both grants, goods, and gifts to the community. [4:59]
  • We also do it in volunteer projects where we’ve done over 6000 volunteer hours working in projects that make a difference. [5:58]
  • We also have signature events where we give out all kinds of things to make individual families a little better by making a difference for them. [6:31]
  • We also have the great trike giveaway where we give out adaptive tricycles to children with disabilities. [7:21]
  • We also started something called the day of dignity for the homeless where we provide them services that they want to feel the kind of love and dignity that we want them to feel. [8:05]
  • Some of our favourite volunteer projects are the ones where we talk to and deal with people. [10:24]
  • During the pandemic, we decided to do a St. Patrick’s Day zoom event where we had interaction and felt face to face with people. [10:33]
  • In every community, some organizations try to make a change. [14:42]
  • Commercial Break. [16:05]
  • Our event has evolved because we try to identify the individual needs by listening as well as projecting what we think people want so that we could make things happen. [18:15]
  • It is important to listen as well as give your opinion on things because it’s important both ways. [22:08]
  • We want to help other plaintiffs, attorneys and local organizations mixed where they’ll be able to help their local charities. [23:09]
  • We’ve learned in the last year and a half that we all have to pivot, think outside the box and do what needs to be done to help the [25:03]


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