Never Forget We Care – Michael Harris

“One person can’t do all of it, but one person can do something to make it a little bit better.” Michael Harris

The aging process can be challenging especially for veterans due to their experiences while they were in service. The need for personalized care where each senior is treated with a degree of sensitivity and respect is therefore needed. Our guest today, Michael Harris together with his wife, have been providing care and assisting these senior veterans together with their families to find the care that they need in order to live a dignified life.

Michael Harris and his wife, Elizabeth are the proud parents of four very intelligent children and grandparents of four incredibly beautiful grandchildren. To them, God and family are the two most important things in their lives. Michael is a retired veteran that served five years in combat and his wife held the most challenging position of holding everything together while he was away. Now Michael supports her while she is obtaining a master’s degree.

The two of them have owned and operated several small businesses from bail bonds to clothing stores but nothing compares to the gratification of helping others. As Pastors in a small community, they have learned the best gift a human being can give another, is love.

Michael’s parents were married for 68 years and are both disabled needing 24 Hour ADL’s /home care service. The parent’s health decline was an unplanned event that took place and put the family in an unfamiliar situation. Therefore, they took on the responsibility as caregivers and cared for their loved ones. This inspired them to start “Never Forget WE CARE LLC”. They wanted seniors, handicap, and physically challenged individuals to know that they were never forgotten. In the year 2020, they partner with Compassionate Helpers Franchise to gain knowledge, learn the business model and help care for more seniors during pandemics. Couples own and operate franchise units located in Houston, TX

In this episode, Michael will be discussing about his time in the military and his passion of providing care to the senior and handicapped veterans.

Listen in!


  • I graduated high school and I enlisted as a private in the military because I just wanted to get away and try and learn about life and grow up. [3:11]
  • While I was serving, I really started to enjoy the military and I began to work hard and be committed to the military. [3:34]
  • I was actually promoted up to an officer and got an opportunity to actually get out of the military, go back to college and obtain my Bachelor’s degree. [3:50]
  • Upon graduation, I re-entered the military as an officer and going from a private to an officer was a big [3:56]
  • While serving, my wife and I just realized that there was something bigger than us out there. [4:19]
  • I was deployed for five years and I really enjoyed living a purposeful life and I’m thankful for my wife that she supported me throughout all those years by making sure that home was okay. [4:43]
  • When I retired out of the military, I came back home and my parents were seniors and needed assistance which kind of caught my family as a surprise, because planned for it. [5:21]
  • I began to realize that I knew my dad was a veteran and I knew that he had some benefits but I wasn’t quite sure what those benefits were. [6:38]
  • We began to research and found that he did qualify for a veteran program that would actually allow a caregiver in the home. [6:48]
  • While we were looking, I thought it’d be a good idea if we started our own business to help them but also to help others out there. [8:00]
  • None of my dad’s or mom’s friends who were veterans even knew that there was a program out there that can assist them. [8:14]
  • When we started the business, it healed a lot of us and a lot of our issues that we had because we were now still serving the seniors that had served us. [8:28]
  • We didn’t want any senior, any handicapped person either temporarily disabled or are permanently disabled or veteran to feel likeeveryone had turned their back on them. [8:47]
  • We named the business ‘Never Forget We C’ And set it up in Louisiana but we moved to Houston. [9:03]
  • We’ve been able to be a blessing to so many people by helping to bring in the best nurses and [9:35]
  • We have since partnered with compassionate helpers to help us bridge that gap with the communities with the senior veterans who want to stay in their own homes. [10:01]
  • I thank God for the experience with my parents, because it helped me realize that there is an area where a lot of people have just lost focus, and that’s taking care of our seniors. [10:23]
  • My family and I are devout Christians and we believe that no one was born for themselves and that we were all created for someone else. [11:53]
  • I share all the information that I can because it’s iron that sharpens iron. [12:52]
  • Commercial break. [13:15]
  • Military taught me several things which I apply as many as I can to my life daily. [14:49]
  • One person can’t do all of it, but one person can do something to make it a little bit better. [14:24]
  • The military taught me that you can change the world, you just got to have to be willing to be motivated enough to get up and go do it. [15:33]
  • It also taught me that If you believe in your heart, that something is right, you never give up. [15:42]
  • In entrepreneurship, you’re going to have some good days and bad days but you have to get up every morning with that positive attitude. [15:50]
  • If there’s someone out there that’s thinking about starting their own business, I would highly encourage you to do that. [16:42]
  • Take everything that you’ve learned from the military if you are a veteran and apply it and success is going to come. [16:50]
  • You get such a fulfillment, knowing that your military experience is still working through you to help someone else. [18:38]
  • We want to be a blessing by impacting the lives of the people and not for it to be just about business. [19:23]
  • When you wake up be thankful to be here and just be the best you that you can be every day. [24:41]
  • Remember that we were not born for ourselves but to help someone else. [24:49]


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