Definitely Grooves – Karlos Klaumannsmoller

Karlos Klaumannsmoller Now lives in Madrid, Spain, where he continues to be immersed in his acting career with two new international film projects: “EIN SUMMER IN SALAMNACA”, a German production and “LOS LUNIS DE LEYENDA Y EL LIBRO MAGICO”, a Spanish-Argentine production . He has currently published a book for professional interpreters about the keys to marketing for actors and actresses, “THE ACTOR ON THE SHELF”, ” EL ACTOR EN LA ESTANTER√ćA” (Only in Spanish). The book is available at the largest stores and bookstores in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and on demand at

During the current COVID-19 crisis, Karlos contracted the virus and spent almost 5 weeks in isolation fighting for his health. His condition went from serious to normal and now he is currently in an optimal state and ready for new professional projects, while collaborating with various social associations involved with children and people without resources and local animal shelters to help fight against this virus.