Finding Calm in Chaos – Alina Haitz

Alina R. Haitz is an Author, Speaker and Coach who focuses on being “Calmer in the Chaos.”

She dedicates her work to helping every day people create their own version of a calmer and “less-stressed” life. 

In this episode, Alina speaks about what really works for the everyday professional that lives in the real world. She helps us understand that mindfulness isn’t about living in a bubble of “namasting and doing yoga.”

There are amazing life events, and there are also challenging and stressful ones. Regardless of the situation you are facing, Alina reminds us that we can incorporate simple daily practices and tools that help us positively cope and better handle stress, be happier, calmer and more connected.

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Her book is one of daily reflections. I AM .  Daily Reflections to Uplift your Soul and Connect You to Mother Earth

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