The Power of Intent – April Martini

“You have to be brave enough to walk away when it’s not right, and to also tell clients when it’s not right for them.” April Martini

Cultivating honest and meaningful relationships in business is something that our guest today takes seriously. In her line of work, April Martini has seen the benefits of networking and what it means for the success of any business, and believes that for a relationship to have meaning, it has to be intentional and respectful.

April spent the first 15 years of her career exploring all the ins and outs of agency life. A firm believer that learning never stops and that experience is what equips us to face life’s many challenges, April built her broad and varied career accordingly. With a design and MBA foundation, followed by years at agencies focused on everything including branding, design, CPG, advertising and production, April spent her days doing much more than the work. She knows how to deal with tension, manage people and personalities, and how to choose the right work for the right clients, which is what really matters in business.

She brings her expertise to help others do it even better, especially when it comes to building new capabilities and the teams to support them. April believes that intentional and quality networking is fundamental to success in business, because building and maintaining strong relationships is what opens doors and moves businesses forward.

In this episode, April talks about how her company helps businesses get ahead through marketing and branding.

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  • Throughout my career, I learned early on never to burn a bridge.
  • My initial model was born out of the desire to focus on what was meaningful to the client’s business, and give them the best of the best when it came to talent.
  • At Forthright people, it is about making sure that we take care of our clients, and building respectful relationships.
  • With regards to intentionality, I always encourage people to go tap for the next thing.
  • We have clients that we’re supporting to build whatever marketing function that they are in need of.
  • We also have the training piece where we do a combination of support and training as well as doing the traditional marketing agency work for the business.
  • Our very first conversation with clients revolves around peeling back the layers to understand where they are and their why.
  • We have seen too many businesses struggle by just doing the marketing things, instead of really finding partners that can help them achieve goals through marketing as a support function.
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  • Initial conversations help us get to know the fundamentals of who they are and where they’re coming from, as well as ascertain whether or not they’re ready for the opportunity.
  • You have to be brave enough to walk away when it’s not right, or to tell clients that it’s not right for them at this point in time.
  • We work with clients to educate them and help them understand their business, as well as bring them out of the weeds of their business, so that they can see the bigger horizon.
  • Always take your vacation and take time for yourself.


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