Awesome Outsourcing – Michelle Thompson

“Failure is nothing more than feedback, and feedback makes you better and stronger.” Michelle Thompson

How can something good come from such great tragedy and misfortune? That is the question that our guest today, Michelle Thompson, grappled with at some point in her life. However, as she and many of us come to learn, bearing these misfortunes with a positive attitude can bring with it good fortunes.

Michelle Thompson went from being an MBA graduate to having a second-grade IQ level overnight after suffering from a life-altering stroke at only 36 years of age. Literally starting her life over again, she’s had to learn how to automate and outsource as much as humanly possible. Now she’s on a mission to help others find freedom from all the unnecessary tasks they do, using the strategies and systems she’s successfully created for herself.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in counseling from Valley Forge University, she went on to earn her MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from Ashford University. After suffering a life-altering stroke, she left her corporate career and built systems to help her navigate day-to-day life and business. Her business, Awesome Outsourcing LLC, was born by combining her strategies with her talents of untangling people’s problems to create actionable and easy-to-follow plans for them to hand things off.

Michelle teaches people how to delegate and outsource tasks correctly so they can gain back their time and their lives. Awesome Outsourcing, LLC specializes in organic Facebook and LinkedIn lead generation, creating omnipresent content for entrepreneurs, and virtual administrative services. Her courses include how to delegate tasks to others without a dip in quality or the need to micromanage, helping clients hire, train, and manage a team, and how to hand tasks off to be magically delivered back, completed.

Her podcast Automate to Dominate follows her amazing journey of automating and outsourcing her way to financial freedom, sharing everything she learns along the way about building multiple passive income streams in numerous areas of life. This show is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build passive income streams to create the freedom they have always dreamt about and aren’t afraid to work for it.

In today’s episode, Michelle will discuss her life journey that led to the birth of her outsourcing business. She will also talk about automation and how to delegate tasks to free yourself and your time to be more productive.

Listen in!


  • I had a stroke and went into physical and occupational therapy for about three years learning how to walk and talk again. [3:05]
  • I was stuck in a rut, and one day my physical therapist had enough called me out on my whining and went ahead to show me how to have a pretty normal life where she slowly taught me how to systematize everything in my life. [3:30]
  • I live in a very controlled environment now where I have Google mini in each room to help me methodically do most things. [4:38]
  • I decided to implement this automation in business. I had a little side hustle which was just a blog with some affiliate links, but since I couldn’t write anymore, I had to teach somebody how to write as I would have written. [5:05]
  • I slowly taught them keyword research for SEO, finding an affiliate link, and writing the best article on the internet. [5:26]
  • I could talk in a video and systematize it, then about three or four months later, all these blog posts started showing up, and they were just automatically happening. [5:43]
  • My colleagues came to me asking how I was able to do it, and I told them that I had outsourced it all, and they asked me to show them how I did it. [5:54]
  • We did it, and it worked out well, and the company Awesome Outsourcing was born, and we decided that we were going to do it to make a difference and not for money. [6:12]
  • We took everything that we hated about outsourcing, and we flipped it on its head and made it a positive by systematizing [6:27]
  • We turned it into this amazing product where we now hire somebody and pay for their training. [7:27
  • They love working for us because they love our culture and the team, and on the other side, we’re creating standard operating procedures and systems for business owners that we’re helping. [7:41[
  • We make it easy to download your brain, turn it into a standard operating procedure, and then it gets created as if you would have done it. [8:58]
  • Commercial break [9:42]
  • I did the podcast as a project because people kept asking me how I automated everything, so I decided to educate everybody. [10:37]
  • We took every piece of software that I love using, and we brought the business owner on, and I explained how I use it in my business to automating, and the business owner explains why that piece of software is so powerful and how it can help and how you can pair it with a virtual assistant so that it becomes effective. [10:51]
  • For this week, write down everything that you touch, both business and personal which then I will ask you to delete that altogether and see what happens. [12:00]
  • If it doesn’t affect your business, you should strike that off the list and not do it for a month and see if you can get rid of that. [12:12]
  • The second thing is to take a look at that list and identify what has to be done, but you don’t necessarily have to do it and, therefore, can hand it off to a piece of software or to another human to do it. [12:26]
  • The third thing is to identify what you have to keep doing personally so that you’re doing 10 percent and letting your team do the other 90 percent. [12:41]
  • We can do this with all parts of our lives, not just in business, but also in personal life too. [13:09]
  • If we ask our brains a question, it will inevitably give us an answer, and we just have to ask the right questions. [14:12];.
  • Often, we don’t think about the brain capacity that we waste on writing because, in the back of your mind, you are worried about tasks you haven’t accomplished. [18:34]
  • When we hand that off and permit somebody else to worry about it, it frees up so much brain capacity that we can have a crystal clear focus on what we’re doing. [18:48]
  • Don’t be afraid to hop in; it doesn’t have to be perfect. So many times, we put this thing on ourselves that it has to be perfect, but if you’ll permit yourself to fail, failure is nothing more than feedback, and feedback makes you better and makes you stronger. [21:26]
  • If you haven’t delegated yet, and you’re nervous, start with a tiny task. And if you do one at a time, it will snowball in a positive way, and you’ll end up with more time Just take the plunge. [21:40]


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