Greece Adventure Trips – Angela Giannioti

“Collect moments and not items” Angela Giannioti

Greece tops the travel bucket list of most, if not all travel enthusiasts. This famous country is popular for its beautiful landscape and its ancient history. Yet apart from the identified tourist spots, what you should also look forward to as you visit Greece, is the experience that the people and their culture have to offer.  This is according to our guest today, Angela Giannioti, who gives us a sneak peek into what entails the best experiences lived and collected when visiting Greece

Angela Giannioti, fondly referred as Aggeliki, is a travel and adventure lover, and has been working in the travel industry for some years. Angela was born and raised in the US by Greek parents and later moved to Greece where she has been living since 1992. In 2018, she established a destination management company called Greece Adventure Trips, a professional services company with in-depth local knowledge, expertise and resources, working in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and travel packages covering each and every corner of the amazing Greece.

Greece Adventure Trips organizes and implements travel packages and one day tours in selected areas of Epirus ranging from the dreamed Zagorohoria; the imposing Tzoumerka; the uniquely beautiful Thesprotia (Acheron River); Western Macedonia; the magical Prespes; the unique national park of Pindos of the Peloponnese; a huge outdoor museum; the Ionian Islands with the crystal clear turquoise waters; the dazzling Mykonos; Santorini, the center of western civilization; the vibrant Athens; Crete that simply has it all, and other “hidden gems” all over Greece.

In today’s episode, we will be discussing about experiencing Greece through connecting with the people and their culture as well as the most recommended sites to experience as a first-time visitor to Greece and even during subsequent visits.

Listen in!

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  • Since my childhood I have loved travelling and discovering new things and places. [3:33]
  • I also enjoy setting up special programs and seeing new things especially in Greece. [3:58]
  • What I love about travelling is getting in touch with the local people and their way of life and making friends. [4:28]
  • When you go to the places where the people who live there go, you truly experience something authentic about the culture and get to experience things that you never would. [6:09]
  • When I visit a place, I want to get a real feeling of that place and carry back memories and also enlarge me perspective [6:37]
  • Sometimes people can be intimidated going to a country where the language is so different. [7:50]
  • As long as you are trying and know enough hand gestures, the more you interact with the locals the less intimidating it becomes. [8:10]
  • Being part of something that is guided and directed for you not only gives you a sense of comfort but also gives you opportunity to see things that are not only tourist stops [10:25]
  • I love talking to people before their trip so as to understand their expectations and what they would like to experience during their trip [11:08]
  • Having an insider tailoring your itinerary based on your personality ensures you have blast [11:34]
  • I do believe that travel industry offers so many alternatives to cover everyone’s needs. [17:03]
  • Commercial Break [18:00]
  • Greece is a country with many Islands and Islets and having to choose one or two is difficult. [18:54]
  • If it is the first time, Athens is a must considering the rich history and culture the city has to offer. [19:15]
  • Santorini Island is also a good destination for first time visitors. [19:34]
  • For visitors that have already visited the two, and considering the current need for maintaining less crowding, the three places I would recommend are Amorgos Island, Sifnos Island and Naxos Island which can all be combined in an itinerary. [19:55]
  • In the mainland, Epirus region which has interesting culture, great food, lakes and rivers as well as the coastline of the Ionian Sea. [21:33]
  • Start dreaming and why not start planning our next trip? [25:58]


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