Seeds that Germinate – Dr. Richard London

“Your past is in stone your future is in paper, you might as well create the life that you would like.” ~ Dr. Richard London

Imagine being at the BEST concert of your Life.

You left feeling so wonderful, light, happy and Powerful.

Dr. Richard London is that Rockstar, Futurist, Father of Wisdom who knows what the future looks like and shares with YOU the Tools and Solutions so you may move forward in your life today with confidence, ease and grace.

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Dr. London KNOWS, this doesn’t have to be YOUR REALITY. He has the solutions to RECESSION PROOFING YOUR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE NOW!








Listen in!!

  • The weather in the world is changing to the better, nice and warm, so we getting our souls warmed up, it’s time to travel and have fun. [02:32]
  • I am such a firm believer that the more we move throughout the world and we experience different places, different people, different foods we realize that will all our differences at the end of the day we are trying to accomplish the same thing. [02:47]
  • I control the brains in the world. [04:15]
  • I am only 4 years old; my soul is 4 years old so I look at everything through the eyes of a child. [04:26]
  • Another ability that I have is manifestation. I am the leading manifestation advisor mentor in the world. [04:51]
  • I donate 100% of my wealth to be of service to others. [05:32]
  • I am the person who funds and pushes the wisdom that comes to the universe so we can plant seeds. Books, information and wisdom is nothing but planting seeds. [07:15]
  • I am the leading farmer in the world, because every seed I plant germinates, so I as I am talking to your listeners worldwide these are not just words, they are seeds that are going to germinate in people’s lives. [08:03]
  • We all have a divine purpose but actually we all have one purpose and that’s to be the greatest spiritual farmers that we could be in the world. [08:25]
  • It’s not always easy when tough things happen to feel thankful but we can still approach them with the positivity that keeps us buoyant until the things around us bring us back up [09:03]
  • The Akashic records is the book of life, the universal mind. I am gifted with the ability to go in. [11:10]
  • The best leaders are not the ones that don’t make any mistakes, the best leaders are the ones that reflect. [12:23]
  • Leadership is all about 100% integrity, leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions immediately, leadership is about keeping your word too. [13:13]
  • Everything in the world is infinite. [17:18]
  • Commercial &Marketing U. [20:12]
  • The two places in central Mexico are Guanajuato City (where the founding fathers of Mexico were born) and San Miguel de Allende. These cities are twice as old as the US. [23:07]
  • It’s one of the few places in the world that they actually have mummies. In the country of Mexico people don’t know but you have to pay to inter people. [25:12]
  • I think humans need to be travel time warriors, you need to be a warrior when you travel because you need to protect yourself so that you can allow yourself to have maximum fun [27:07]
  • Your past is in stone your future is in paper, you might as well create the life that you would like. [28:33]
  • Travel should be about the details, look at the people, look at how they dress, where they are eating and gathering. [31:33]
  • There are three ingredients to create heaven on earth; develop an unbreakable spirit, live in real divine truth and become a warrior. [37:17]


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