Happiness Hall of Fame – Mike Duffy

“It is the daily progress that you make on your purpose that gives you sustainable happiness.” Mike Duffy

The meaning of happiness varies across different people yet still, there are areas of agreement within all these differences. One of the major areas where people agree on about the abstract concept that is happiness is that it involves the act of giving. Our guest today, Mike Duffy is all too familiar with this and even confirms that happiness is not only attainable but can as well be sustainable and it all has to do with how we perceive and treat others. 

Mike Duffy is a philanthropist and an author of five books on happiness including The Happiness Book: A Positive Guide To Happiness; https://amzn.to/2W5O7PT . The Happiness Book For Men; https://amzn.to/36Tt5Ga and The Happiness Book For Kids Volumes I & II: https://amzn.to/375Iaot . He has interviewed the top thought leaders, athletes, rock stars, CEO’s and celebrities in the world on happiness, work/life balance, resilience, and success for his books. He was an MC at Woodstock ’94 and gave a TEDx talk at TEDx Berkeley. He loves to speak about how you can gain greater happiness and joy in your precious life.

Mike Duffy is the CEO of Happiness Wealth Management in San Carlos, CA. He has over 27 years of experience in finance and he was a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch. He has worked with some of the wealthiest people in Silicon Valley. Mike also speaks about crucial, fundamental money management techniques and philanthropic giving. His audiences include corporations, organizations, and universities including Stanford University where he guest-lectures and has a scholarship award.

Mike started The Happiness Hall Of Fame to recognize, encourage and celebrate people and organizations that make other people happy. Members of The Happiness Hall Of Fame include Muhammad Ali, Dolly Parton, Jerry Rice, Serena Williams, The Golden State Warriors, The San Francisco Giants, The Wounded Warrior Project, and The Make-A-Wish foundation. Mike also founded the Happiness Hall of Fame Homeless Outreach which provides money, food, counseling, and hope to the hopeless.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk to us about how to get sustainable happiness and overcoming fear by being your cheerleader. He will also elaborate more on his business of wealth management and how it is aligned to his purpose.

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The Happiness Hall Of Fame website is: https://www.happinesshalloffame.com

 The Happiness Hall Of Fame: www.happinesshalloffame.com

 TEDx Berkeley talk: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VRi6gWj98E

  • At any moment of the day, we are constantly bombarded by negative thoughts. [3:14]
  • I started the happiness hall of fame about a decade ago to be the antidote to all that bad news and to shine a light on people who do amazing things and the wonderful stories around the world. [3:24]
  • I decided to live in sustainable happiness because there are two kinds of happiness. [3:49]
  • There is hedonic happiness which is the happiness you get from making yourself happy and most people confuse it to be good but it not sustainable. [3:58]
  • Eudemonic happiness is what you can do to have sustainable happiness throughout your life and it is the happiness that we receive eternally when we are good to other people. [4:13]
  • When you look back on your life, it is the accomplishment story that makes you happy. [6:02]
  • One of the greatest joys of my life is the homeless outreach. [6:40]
  • There are moments in all our lives where words can affect the outcome and put us in a trajectory that changes our lives in either a good way or in an amazing way. [7:45]
  • I started the hall so that I could leverage on the good. [8:18]
  • Saint Augustine said that it is in giving that we receive and that is why I encourage people at the very least to do something good to someone else. [10:09]
  • The biggest hurdle that people have in their lives is fear and we all have this narrative that we cannot do what we want to do. [11:40]
  • My happiness formula is Purpose plus Progress equals Happiness and therefore is the daily progress that you make on your purpose that gives you sustainable happiness. [12:25]
  • Wayne Dyer said that when you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self in which all possibilities exist. [13:52]
  • Bren Brown uses the analogy, ‘live in the arena’ as an encouragement to shun away the haters. [14:35]
  • Commercial Break. [18:00]
  • I am an author and speaker but I learned that most men in the United States read no more than one book after high school. [19:43]
  • That means that if I am going to get my message out there, I have to be a speaker because they are not going to read my books even though my books are free on Amazon for a prime member. [20:11]
  • Art is all around us and there is no reason if you haven’t participated in your space, you can’t change that today. [21:00]
  • I started happiness wealth management about three and half years ago. [23:25]
  • I did not let fear keep me in my corporate job and so I went out on my own and started my own ship. [23:44]
  • I specialize in retiring on purpose where we sit down and figure out what makes you happy and how we can get more of that. [23:54]
  • People need to understand that they are the authors of the stories of their lives and therefore they should make their stories one of unbelievable adventures, generosity, heroic outcomes and sustainable happiness. [25:38]


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