Humor and Creativity in Conversations – Tom Kelly

“The problem with society right now is we all have multiple soap boxes and we all think our opinion is important and nobody wants to listen to another.” Tom Kelly

Comedy is entertaining and every comedian is perceived to be different based on their unique take on subjects that interest the audiences. Like in all other art forms, originality is key when it comes to stand-up comedy, and our guest today, Tom Kelly, scores highly on this. Tom is known to capture his audience by starting conversations that make people laugh while at the same time exposing truths that make people question their realities.

Tom Kelly is a stand-up comedian and is best known for a lot of his work as a warm-up comic at shows like Good Morning America, ABC, The View, $100,000 Pyramid, America’s Got Talent, and he is a funny guy. He also has a great ability to get people to do things in environments like that which they would normally never do. He also has a lot of biting wit that he masters between kindness and self-deprecation but everything is going to make you laugh.

Tom also has his podcast, the Tom Kelly Show podcast where he dances the thin line between comedy and therapy. It is really about introspection and people who are turning those 2020 lemons into 2021 lemonades. He is also a regular contributor to ABC World News Now and has a lot of things that he is doing in all these different shows. Currently, he is working with Tamron Hall Show. He is available for acting, stand-up, warm-up, hosting, zoom parties, private events and he can also officiate your wedding.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk more about his experience with Covid and how it has impacted his art, and his journey to recover from the effects.

Listen in!


  • I’m just having this revelation with you that maybe so we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves we have to take our 2020 lemons and make 2022 lemonade. [4:03]
  • The best speech my father ever gave that I loved is nobody cares and one thing that I’ve learned this year is we care but we really don’t. [8:36]
  • In stand-up comedy, I got laid off on a Tuesday and the paycheck stopped coming in on a Wednesday but nobody cared. [9:25]
  • I got Covid at a friend’s event that I went to for an hour and I was not very happy because I had exposed my parents. [10:30]
  • My highest rated podcast was at the time when I was rebranding my podcast and I talked about my Covid experience. [12:15]
  • Part of the reason I am podcasting away on a beach is I need to ease myself back into the real world. [14:48]
  • What bothers me about all of this is nobody has come up with a smart way to deal with all of this. [17:38]
  • Commercial break. [23:23]
  • I think the problem with society right now is we all have multiple soap boxes and we all think our opinion is important and nobody wants to listen to another. [25:39]
  • There is a lot of things that are wrong with the world. And we don’t care enough to adapt. [31:32]
  • Part of why I started doing a weekly podcast, was because my therapist would only be deductible for one session a week. [31:55]
  • I lost everything overnight and if you look at what I had booked for 2020, I was going to have the highest earning year of my life. [32:33]
  • I feel like my podcast is about me pushing for a quantum leap or a breakthrough, which I feel like I’m close to but the pandemic derailed those plans. [33:25]
  • I am hoping this mess of skills I got out of COVID, my 2020 lemons, will be some form of 2021 lemonade. [34:39]
  • Right now I am one of the four most practiced zoom comedians in the country. [39:12]
  • In my standup, I usually am the guy that breaks through the ice. [40:36]
  • The pandemic is just an embodiment of what so many of us have been feeling in our hearts for years. [41:55]
  • Other than the drop in income, I have been pandemic Tom for many years. I found myself and I am only able to verbalize some of the mistakes I was making now. [42:00]
  • I’m only just starting to have my awakening now and I’m and I’m having it live on my podcast. [42:28]
  • When I didn’t hear ‘the voice of God,’ for me, I started exploring in a small way. [43:46]
  • I am waiting for that moment for the dots to connect and the struggles to be worthwhile and that is part of the reason why I started podcasting. [47:42]
  • I have been trying to do massive changes in short periods of time to experiment and refine. [50:18]
  • What I am currently doing in my podcast and life right now is I am trying to soak up life advice for years, which is things don’t change unless you change. [58:08]
  • If you think you have something you can share with the world, go ahead and share it. [01:03:22]


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