Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs – Heather Dominick

“When you have an aligned community that understands what it means to be in the world creating as a highly sensitive, then it is a celebration.” Heather Dominick

For people who identify as highly sensitive, it is never easy navigating their professional as well as social worlds. However, with proper training and guidance, highly sensitive entrepreneurs have the ability to thrive and perform as good, or even better than their counterparts. This is according to our guest today, Heather Dominic. Heather specializes in helping entrepreneurs who are highly sensitive be aware about their unique strengths and how they can use that to maximize their productivity.

Heather Dominick is the founder of www.businessmiracles.com and has been training Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders to do things differently by working less and making more of a social impact and a higher income since 2010. Heather has taken everything that she learned from being self-employed since 2003, including her journey from personal bankruptcy to being the consistent steward of a 7-figure mission, and learning that she is a Highly Sensitive Person since 2010, and poured it into the comprehensive design of the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs. This means that her clients have everything that they need to learn on how to excel in business and life.  

One of Heather’s innate teaching abilities is to distill complicated information into bite size, doable, tangible transformational steps. She has been doing this for years whether that be teaching inner-city kids how to successfully perform Shakespeare or Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders how to claim their worth and increase their income. Heather continues to receive more gratitude cards and gifts over the years than she can count, and wants to share one of the more recent she received.

It is Heather’s honor to be a mentor on this incredible journey of what it means to claim Highly Sensitive Leadership for leaders and all those that they are to positively impact.

In todays episode, Heather talks about her journey that led her to discover that she is highly sensitive. She also talks about her motivation to help others like her embrace themselves and live their full potential.

Listen in!

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  • It’s really valuable just to highlight the phrase highly sensitive which is a term that comes out of research that really began in the mid-1990s. [5:33]
  • What it means to be highly sensitive, is that your nervous system is wired to take in stimulation at a much higher degree than someone who is not highly sensitive. [6:05]
  • The work is really how to understand that you are highly sensitive to begin with, and then how to work with that. [7:09]
  • The work that I do is I step in to support those who feel called to be self employed by taking them through the highly sensitive leadership training programs. [7:18]
  • If you are untrained as a highly sensitive, it can feel as if you are at fault most of the time. [7:42]
  • Through training and learning to work with your nervous system, an entirely new world opens. [7:51]
  • So many who maybe know or don’t know that they’re officially highly sensitive, may believe that it’s out of their control when in truth, you can learn to control it. [10:27]
  • The highly sensitive leadership training program is meant to be applied and implemented and impacting all of our relationships. [13:29]
  • All the teaching and trainings that I create, I am always looking to pull from various sources and various areas of study and research. [14:36]
  • Highly sensitives have various styles of learning, so I am always looking for avenues of teaching or training that will be supportive for all those modalities across the board. [14:52]
  • Research states that there are only 20% of people in the world who are highly sensitive. [17:12]
  • When you’re unaware of what’s actually happening with your nervous system, you can just feel kind of left out. [17:23]
  • The way the highly sensitive leadership training programs applies to business is that it helps highly sensitives to partner what’s happening internally, to the actions that they taking in their businesses. [17:44]
  • Commercial break. [20:46]
  • Everything that I create in the leadership training programs comes from my own personal experiences. [24:16]
  • Highly sensitives tend to be quite smart because they like to study and learn but when it comes to the applying part, they need to retrain their nervous system. [24:42]
  • The coping mechanisms we adapt to when we are untrained in our nervous system include either pushing, hiding or combo plastering. [25:53]
  • The moment of what brought me to understand that I was highly sensitive, I can look back and absolutely say it was a dark night of the soul. [26:44]
  • I went into a space of deep inquiry of what was needed to do things differently, and that time is what led me to Dr. Aaron who led me to understand that I was highly sensitive. [28:49]
  • When I understood what it meant to be highly sensitive, I started to see that I need to go about doing everything differently. [29:21]
  • When talking about highly sensitive overwhelm, it means literally flooding the nervous system. [31:10]
  • It doesn’t have to be that way but it requires a process of learning how to do things differently and when you do, everything changes. [31:41]
  • My business miracle was my realization that in order to be successful in business, I needed to learn how to do things differently. [34:30]
  • If you are comparing yourself to someone who is not highly sensitive, you will always technically come up ‘short’. [36:42]
  • When you have an aligned community that understands what it means to be in the world creating as a highly sensitive, then there is really that celebration. [36:55]
  • Once the components are in place, it contributes to accelerated learning and that is why community is such a key piece to the highly sensitive leadership training program. [38:25]
  • If you have a sense that you or someone that you know is highly sensitive, pay attention to that glimmer because there is value in being willing to understand that people operate differently. [40:00]
  • The more you begin to accept and work with that as a positive and a strength, there will be more ease and more joy for everyone involved. [40:26]


Thank you to our January Sponsor: www.businessmiracles.com or Heather Dominick

Are you a highly sensitive individual? You can learn to be in charge of yourself physically, spiritually and financially in a way that honors your highly sensitive self.

Heather Dominic is the founder of Business miracles.com. and she’s been training highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders since 2010.

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or just starting out, learn how to be comfortable in your highly sensitive skin, to create your work and life to match who you truly are, so you can work less while making more impact and income.

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