Don’t Stay Small – Vanessa Zamy

“It’s not necessary how you are doing it most of the times it’s what are you doing in the how you are doing it.” ~ Vanessa Zamy

Do you have a side-hustle that you want to make a full-time gig, or have a dream to be your own boss? If so, our guest today can help you navigate the transition from full-time work to full-time entrepreneurship.

Vanessa Zamy is a business expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author dedicated to helping full-time employees transition to entrepreneurship by building their business while employed. Her consulting company, Your Vision’s Catalyst, coaches and advises 9-to-5ers on how to build a profit-producing, purpose-driven business without the overwhelm.

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e-Book: FINISH: The Solopreneur’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done

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  • It’s not hustling that is bad, it’s how you are hustling that may need a fix. [02:00]
  • It’s all about how you manage yourself, you can’t control all that is going on around you but you can control yourself and how you are showing up. [04:06]
  • A purpose driven business is, at the end of the day what I always ask my clients at the beginning, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how much do you want this?’ [05:24]
  • I choose to see the sun other people choose to see the clouds. [07:10]
  • The Hustle and Breath Accelerator is about hustling and getting you to breath at the same time. Fitting your business into your existing life, getting your life to work with your business. [07:28]
  • It’s not necessary how you are doing it most of the times it’s what are you doing in the how you are doing it. [09:55]
  • Change is uncomfortable. When people reach that state of being uncomfortable it’s very easy to turn around. [16:08]
  • Entrepreneurship is a marathon. You got to decide is this business worth it to continue moving forward when you face things along the way. [16:50]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [20:18]
  • Do you want to complete the race? Then complete it, complete it the way you can complete it, complete it the way you want to. Keep moving forward. [19:03]
  • The biggest challenge with entrepreneurs is really keeping your head in the right area. [21:42]
  • It gets lonely when you don’t have someone in your corner. [22:14]
  • Entrepreneurship is 80% mindset and 20% actually taking action. [23:07]
  • With my clients I go through in the beginning and ask them what are their non-negotiables. [24:25]
  • A lot of people think that they are also going to leave their 9 to 5 job and being an entrepreneur is going to magically give you things. [25:20]
  • A lot of entrepreneurs are out there with this mindset of get rich quick. [26:22]
  • Just do it! Go for it and do it. [30:36]


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