Influential Leadership – Alicia Hemphill

“We are only responsible for the part of the solution that inspires us and hopefully it will inspire somebody else” Alicia Hemphill

It is trust that forms the foundation of any form of relationship both professional and personal. The ability to be trusted and trust opens up grounds for people to relate authentically and transact at all levels. This is most especially true for leaders when they are dealing with the people who look up to them. These sentiments are echoed by our guest today, Alicia Hemphill who insists that leaders have to start by looking within to create the authentic self before they can go out to communicate and lead.

Alicia Hemphill is an executive in business and ministry, a best-selling author, life coach, and co-creator of the new historical game Ebony-Opoly “The Reconstruction Era”. She is VP of Regulatory Affairs at Oriel STAT A MATRIX, a medical device life sciences and consulting company. She is also the CEO and Founder of her own company, ‘Beyond the Limitations,’ where she coaches and mentors future leaders to reach that next level of performance. She specializes in strategies that impart change that transform challenging work environments and relationships.

Alicia is highly skilled at identifying mindsets that hinder successful career contributions that are debilitating to high-performing organizations and people. She helps others climb out of restrictive environments and helps set people and organizations onto a path that causes excitement and passion. As a speaker, she imparts wisdom and wit to her audience while sharing a unique viewpoint of leadership development, influence, and engagement that propels others out of the career rut.

In 2020, she founded EBONY-OPOLY, LLC and launched the first of many board games designed to instill a passion for history, wealth-building skills, and family fun for Black Americans. The game provides an interactive experience set in the Reconstruction Era. Alicia is on the Board of Directors for Covenant Daughters International Ministries and is actively mentoring the next generation of female leaders who have the mandate to transform their spheres of influence, communities, and families. She produces a show that airs on the Covenant Daughter network – WLPC.TV, ROKU, AppleTV, and Amazon.

In today’s episode, we will be looking at the importance of being authentic in leading self and others. We will also discuss more on the importance of positive feedback and also why leaders should always prepare before going in for meetings.

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  • I have been in the medical device field for about 30 years and I have been involved in many companies and many levels of the organization. [2:48]
  • My own business, ‘Beyond the Limitations’ was formed in that challenge of trying to move from one level to the next within companies. [3:01]
  • In this day of Covid, we are all separated from one another and so leadership becomes more than just something that happens just because I am your boss. [3:58]
  • As a leader, I have to influence, inspire, motivate and facilitate change for the benefit of the organization. [4:11]
  • I started a company called Ebony-opoly in 2020. [4:22]
  • In the cracks of adversity and challenging year, the things that are going to rise to the potential are great ideas that help benefit not just yourself but others in society as well. [4:35]
  • Ebony-opoly was born out of that desire to help African Americans understand their history and be able to respond to difficulties with knowledge and insight that will help elevate rather than continuing a downward cycle. [4:54]
  • We sort out to create a game that brought out a lot of insight and knowledge about how African Americans were able to overcome adversity in the reconstruction era and to be successful in starting their businesses and to excel. [5:16]
  • Entrepreneurs are those that find solutions in adversity. [6:31]
  • Entrepreneurs try to find what it is that would change a situation. [6:53]
  • We know that one of the challenges of African Americans is the depth of really understanding who we are as a people and the contributions we have made to America. [6:58]
  • Part of a solution was, awareness and understanding and the ability to be proud of your history. [7:24]
  • We are finding that it is not just African Americans that want to know their history, other nationalities want to know about our history too. [8:38]
  • We are seeing this as an opportunity to build up one segment of the population to educate another and hopefully somewhere understanding there will be a bridge [8:47]
  • The basis of our society and business is trust. [9:53]
  • I believe there is so much good in people and so the more we understand and see the good in each other the more the difficulties and challenges get balanced out. [10:07]
  • The more I am authentic with myself the more I understand who I am as well as what drives and challenges me and the more I can communicate that to people I work with. [12:24]
  • Everyone wants to be successful, do well and hear positive things about themselves and how they can contribute to the goal of the organization. [14:49]
  • For a leader, feedback is an excellent tool. [15:05]
  • Commercial break. [16:40]
  • I have learned the value of honest and effective communication. [18:50]
  • Communication in itself is one thing, but what are you trying to communicate? [19:00]
  • People rarely contemplate why they are showing up, what their objectives are or what it is that would benefit them, the client, and the engagement [19:25]
  • Know why you are doing what you are doing and be able to communicate your intentions, desires, and expectations. [19:45]
  • The ability to succinctly share, layout expectations, to determine if people and yourself are meeting those expectations are the skills set for this post-pandemic environment that we are in. [20:15]
  • If you do not care about what you are doing, the people, or the products, find another place that you care about, because it is going to show. [20:40]
  • Businesses should train their leaders to function not only when they are in the room together but also in a hybrid combination. [23:50]
  • It is going to take another level of skill and consideration to make sure that the whole room is engaged. [24:03]
  • The first few minutes in the morning instead of rolling out of bed and just jumping into the day, I spend the time reflecting on yesterday. [27:32]
  • Have a plan and an idea of the challenges that are facing you and how you may want to attack them. [28:05]
  • Take the time to positively reflect on yourself, where you want to go, and what you need to fix and making that an aspect of your everyday. [28:18]


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