From The Director’s Chair – Tom Wisnosky

What makes a great media interview?

Your message is certainly important. However, when it comes to live TV, there are a lot more factors that play a crucial role to ensuring that your message successfully reaches your audience. These basics, as Tom Wisnosky notes, say a lot about you and the brand that you are representing.

As a producer and director, Tom Wisnosky thinks of himself as a storyteller first and a juggler second. Whether he’s directing a “cast of thousands” during the live 6-hour Countdown to Super Bowl XLVIII or producing a Wynton Marsalis concert, Tom succeeds because telling the story well means keeping several creative, albeit metaphorical, balls in the air.

In addition to telling stories for BuzzFeed’s Profile and ABC’s Good Morning America Weekend, Tom has directed live, live-to-tape and prerecorded programming for ABC, PBS, Discovery, Buzzfeed, Tribune Media, and private clients. He collaborated with Peabody and Emmy award-winning journalist Bob Woodruff on Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff for Discovery’s Planet Green Channel.

Tom has also directed popular events, hundreds of celebrity interviews, pregame shows, and also adapted and produced live televised scenes from Broadway’s 42nd Street, Stomp, Rent, Hairspray and Little Shop of Horrors. As session trumpet player, Tom’s love for music shines when he produces live performances for multiple top musicians. In addition to his busy career as a director, Tom served as Mayor of the small town he calls home.

In this snippet from his full-length interview, Tom talks about the challenges of directing and managing live TV, as well as some of the qualities that have propelled him to succeed in media.

Listen in!

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