Life Choreographer – Lora Cheadle

“Art really connects us to our hearts and our bodies.” Lora Cheadle 

Moving beyond an emotionally traumatic event is never easy, yet people can often navigate through to rediscover themselves and even thrive with creative solutions and patience. Our guest today, Lora Cheadle, was able to overcome the difficult experience of betrayal to living a fulfilling life. According to her, embracing art and being easy on herself played a significant role in her recovery.  

Lora Cheadle is an attorney turned Life Choreographer®, author, speaker, and burlesque dancer. She believes women deserve to be seen for who they are, not for what they do or who they are in relation to others. Her mission is to empower women who are done sacrificing themselves for others, settling for “just good enough” relationships, careers, or bodies, and being judged for everything they do, say, or wear; to get to know themselves exclusive of their labels, roles, and scripts; show themselves unapologetically for who they are; and re-choreograph the next stage of their life on their own terms – so they can live with enthusiasm, joy, and satisfaction. She is the author of FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self:  

In today’s episode, Lora will talk about her journey to self-love and rediscovering her passion for dancing.  

Listen in! 

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 FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self:   

  • Twenty-three years into my marriage, I found out that my husband had been cheating on me for 15 of those years with five different women, and so needless to say, it completely gutted me. [3:18] 
  • This artistic piece brought me back to myself, got me out of my head and back into my heart and body, and allowed me to create and shock my own potential. [3:54] 
  • I help my customers and clients realize people can be victimized, but you don’t have to be the victim. [4:18] 
  • I was a dancer growing up, and I loved dancing, and one time I found a coupon online for a pole dancing class which was terrifying, but I went by myself and fell in love with it. [7:01] 
  • I got busy, and the only available class was a burlesque class which I didn’t even know what it meant but decided that if it worked with my schedule, I would take it. [7:28] 
  • I have all of these perfectionist hang-ups, but what is beautiful about burlesque is that it’s all ages, all sizes, and everything. [9:23]
  • After my first show, a woman came to the backstage area, and she was in tears, and she said, if you can do it, I can do it. [10:37] 
  • The first thing to realize is that things are hard, and it’s normal to feel confident one day, and it is also normal to lose your confidence the next day. [14:48] 
  • The second thing that I like to tell people is, it’s always darkest right before dawn, and that moment when you were the most terrified that means you’re right on the breakthrough. [15:07] 
  • What I like about burlesque is that there are limiting factors in our lives, but it shows you how to work around them and not just quit. [16:32] 
  • Commercial break. [18:48] 
  • Art connects us to our hearts into our bodies, and we live in a world that is very headspace where we think things through, plan it, and then when things don’t turn out right, we try to headspace it. [20:35] 
  • There’s so much fear, disconnection and shame in the world due to so much headspace stuff. [20:47]  
  • If we just lived from that artistic space of creation, flow and beauty and play in curiosity, we would connect and find collaborative solutions. [21:00] 
  • It’s about this new creative combination and living and creating artistically, and we will solve problems and change the world. [21:19] 
  • With my own betrayal journey, It seemed like the world was telling me the choices are either I stay or go, yet none of these were options for me. [23:10] 
  • I like to talk about living in the glitter because glitter makes things fun. [23:37] 
  • FLAUNT is actually an acronym, and I want everybody to flaunt every single day. [26:17]
  • F find your fetish, which means that you do what’s fun for you every day, not just on the weekend. L is for laugh out loud. [26:24]
  • AU is the golden centre of flaunt, and that stands for accepting unconditionally. You can’t change other people. You’ve got to accept life and everyone unconditionally as they are. [26:35]
  • N is for navigate and don’t stop. T is for trusting in your truth because you are the only person living inside your head, heart, and body, so nobody can tell you how you’re feeling. [26:47]

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