Teaching Dignity – Rebecca Duvall Scott

“If you can discover your purpose and stick with it, then everything else falls into place around it.” Rebecca Duvall Scott 

Everyone has their unique path to discovering and unleashing their artistic gifts. Whatever the gift and regardless of the journey to discovering it, our art should be able to lead us to live our purpose, bringing us joy and fulfilment. This is according to our guest today, Rebecca Duvall Scott, who has been able to tell her family’s story and live her purpose of serving the community through her writing.  

Rebecca Duvall Scot is an accomplished author and the recipient of numerous awards. Her first published work and best-selling memoir, Sensational Kids, Sensational Families: Hope for Sensory Processing Differences chronicles the research, interventions, and mindset shifts that successfully brought her family through her son’s SPD diagnosis. While she values her special needs initiative, her heart has always been with Christian historical fiction. Her best-selling and #2 Amazon Hot New Release novel, When Dignity Came to Harlan, is based on her great-grandmother’s childhood. Rebecca lives with her husband and their two children in Kentucky and plans to write more in both the Dignity and Sensational Kids series.  

In this episode, our guest will discuss how her Christian fiction novel came to be. She will also talk about how she has evolved in her art and experiences to become a best-selling author. 

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WEBSITE: www.RebeccaDuvallScott.com  

  • My grandmother told me a story about her mother’s childhood, who is my great grandmother, and it was about how they were poor and came from Missouri to Kentucky searching for a better life. [4:00] 
  • They were so poor when they got into town that they ended up parceling their daughters out between other people’s homes. [4:29] 
  • They wanted to go get a job, get a house and be able to provide for them and come back and get them and gather the family back together. [4:36] 
  • Unbeknownst to the children, they never came back and never really understood what happened, and so my great grandmother grew up from the time she was five years old in foster care. [4:43] 
  • She still overcame all of these challenges, ended up having a good life, had good people around her, got married, and had six children between two marriages. [5:10] 
  • My grandmother always wanted to write this story herself, but she didn’t feel gifted, and so when I started showing some promise with writing from a young age, she started telling me from a young age that she wanted me to write this story. [5:32] 
  • When I was 16, I sat down with her, and we wrote down every scrap of information she could remember and shortly after, I got married and had my children, she had a stroke, and she was not able to speak anymore. [5:47] 
  • So that’s where book one, “When Dignity Came to Harlan,” and it changes a little bit from the original storyline, but it’s the story of human experience and all facets and how she handled all of that and how she came through it.  [6:20] 
  • I don’t think that I realized fully at the time what this whole experience would mean, but even at a young age, I knew it was important and big. [9:10] 
  • Now that I’ve grown up, I feel very blessed to have been the family’s storekeeper and have this to retail, and I love the whole experience. [9:57] 
  • I have lived with these characters for over 20 years, so I know them well, which made the story take on a life of its own. [11:18] 
  • Originally, I was only going to write a book, one from my great grandmother’s childhood point of view and Book Two from her first husband’s point of view, but when I finished book one, I started getting all this feedback from readers that they wanted more time with this new family. [11:38] 
  • It suddenly became like there has to be a book sandwiched between what I had originally planned, which is coming out tomorrow. [12:24] 
  • Growing up the way she did and suffering the hardships that she had to endure without getting any justice in her life, my great grandmother still managed to be happy and find goodness in people and be good herself. [14:10] 
  • And I like to think that she would be proud of what I’ve done just in the aspect that her story finally gets to be told and people get to understand the truth and understand more of maybe why she was the way she was. [14:28] 
  • Commercial break. [14:54] 
  • I firmly believe that I was born an author and this book and series is what I was meant to write. [17:28] 
  • I started the first 70 pages of book one when I was a senior in college to my creative writing professor, and on graduation day, he shook my hand and said that he wanted to see my book get published. [17:56] 
  • I got to a place in myself where I couldn’t write and thought if I never get to go back to it, being a wife and a mother is enough. [18:16] 
  • My experience with my child helped me learn so much from the publishing side that when I came back to my first love, Christian historical fiction, I did it well. [18:30] 
  • There was a time where I was seeing a doctor because I was suffering from some autoimmune disorder things, and he said I had to find a way to manage my stress by getting back to doing what I love. [18:50] 
  • When I finally was able to carve out the time to get back to writing, it was like rediscovering part of my purpose, a huge part of who I am. [19:17 
  • I got lost in all of the research for the sensory processing challenges. My book is an account of our experience; what worked for us trying to put all of this into one place for other families that are still struggling that have no idea where to even begin. [20:45] 
  • I lost myself within that process, and it was through God bringing me back to writing that I ended up rediscovering that purpose. [21:18] 
  • I just think, especially with it being artistic August, find your passion and follow it whether it’s at home or in the community. [23:10] 
  • I’m a firm believer in writing and all art forms that connect people in this period where we feel so disconnected. [23:38] 
  • Find the artwork that resonates within you so that you can feel connected to people again. [23:48] 

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