Making Friends with Uncertainty and Confusion – Paul Ross

Can you cultivate confidence? Our guest today believes you can. Paul Ross is a Master Hypnotist, Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation Instructor, speaker, and author of Subtle Words that Sell – How to Get Your Prospects to Convince Themselves to Buy and Add Top Dollars to Your Bottom Line!

In our episode today, Paul tells us about his journey to a practice of mindfulness, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. As a young man, Paul was filled with envy and rage, and was a poor communicator. So, he set out to change that. Now he knows the power of the voice to communicate in ways that are attractive to people, using the power of language to persuade, sell, and heal, to turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones and pain into passion.

He also challenges us to make friends with uncertainty and confusion which will, by definition, make you stronger and more adaptable than those who seek to control situations.

Listen in!