You Are Whole & Complete – Triptta Neb Butkovich

“You are whole and complete from the day you were born to the day you pass on.” ~ Triptta Neb Butkovich

Triptta Neb Butkovich was a successful organizational development consultant, an awesome executive coach, the life of the party, & the mother to 2 gorgeous boys. She was also a victim of narcissistic abuse. After 16 years of secretly living for someone else, she realized, only she could change her situation. She began to seek out different kinds of support to help her make sense of the chaos and hurt in her life. Hundreds of hours of healing modalities, attending mass coaching in auditoriums, studying the human psyche via short accreditations and a PhD enrollment, her coaching background, her openness and readiness to take action paid off – it took 8 long years, for her to find her identity, understand her values, embrace her vulnerabilities and to finally take her power back.

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  • I underwent 16 years of abuse from my husband, physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, you just name it. [04:36]
  • My abuse at home made me work really hard in my job but was I truly happy and successful. [05:37]
  • Success is not equal to happiness. I am a living example of that. I was extremely successful in my business but I was extremely unhappy in my life. [06:12]
  • The sense of belonging is the first thing that is eroded when you are facing abuse, that sense of belonging is the first thing that is responsible for your depression, lack of sense of belonging is the first thing responsible for a lot of anxiety that you face. [08:55]
  • To keep the facade up took so much energy I had no time to give to personal relationships because I would have to work so hard to keep it up. [10:24]
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t look at a person and thing they have it all. [11:23]
  • We have kind of set or created this picture in our minds that this is what happiness looks like, or this is what you need to look like or be like to come across as successful so that people would want to connect with you. [13:07]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [ [14:52]
  • You never know what else is going on in anybody else’s lives. [16:12]
  • It takes small incremental steps to get a person out of that situation. [17:40]
  • When I started taking these small steps that’s when my own confidence within my own self started to grow and I started to feel better myself. [19:05]
  • It is really critical for you to have a sense of self, its super important for you to be able to build that sense of self, that is to find your self-identity again. [19:48]
  • What your identity might have been versus what your identity is today of you is something you need to discover. But also know you can create your own identity. [20:01]
  • Your external identity is as important as your internal identity. [23:11]
  • It is important for you to feel comfortable with your decisions that they are in line with your values. [23:30]
  • Everything and anything that puts you down help you create limiting beliefs and they prevent you from taking steps going further. [23:58]
  • What is really important to understand in an abusive situation is trying to maintain a balance of your chakras really helps you take those initial steps. [29:02]
  • Breath! You are the most important person in your life nobody else’s. [34:16]
  • You are whole and complete from the day you were born to the day you pass on. [34:26]
  • You are the only one who can actually fulfil yourself, nobody else can fulfil you in any way shape or form. [34:33]


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