Meditation, Mindfulness & Hypnosis – A Trifecta for Your Potential – Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is an author, musician and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients over a wide range of stress related problems. His unique and highly effective series of professional hypnosis and meditation recordings have sold over 10 million and are one of the world best-selling self-help audio ranges.

Glenn has written 7 self-help books and has produced 100 hypnosis and meditation audios for BBC audiobooks.

In this episode we talk about his challenging youth, his introduction to hypnosis and his rewarding career. 

In recent years Glenn’s Relax & Sleep Well App has become one of the world’s biggest grossing self-help Apps and has been downloaded over 3 million times. It has been number one in the lifestyle chart in over 50 countries and reached number 5 in the USA.

Glenn has been appeared on BBC TV, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Five Live, Sky Sports, Channel 4 and in many British newspapers and magazine articles. He now happily resides in Portugal with his family and primarily uses Skype to work with clients and record interviews.