Our Impact Leaves a Footprint – Lucy Munga

In life, your footprint that you leave is the impact that you made in the society.” Lucy Munga

The awareness of the struggles that people around your community face, and findings ways in which you can be able to assist is what community is all about. Our guest today, Lucy Munga, chose the path of impacting the community in the best way she knew, and in the process found a way to change multiple lives through encouraging and facilitating the art of story-telling.

Lucy Munga is a life and business coach and her company is Amara Capital. Over the past she worked as a senior manager doing data analytics, IT risk and advisory services for companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst and Young. Lucy also cares for her community by giving back not only as a Rotarian, but also helps the children in her community be tied very diligently education.

In todays’ episode, Lucy will discuss about her business, and how her previous career experiences led her to discover her passion for working with families and children to improve their lives.

Listen in!




  • I’m a certified coach and I’m recognized by the International coach Federation as a certified coach. [2:36]
  • I mainly focus on business owners that are struggling because last year I realized that a number of employees lost their jobs and closed businesses and many people were struggling. [2:52]
  • As an IT consultant with leading organizations, I realized that I had a skill that could help families get out of the woods, and start generating their own income. [3:15]
  • I started helping those who have lost their jobs, and those who were leaving employment do something out of their own talents. [3:31]
  • Amazingly, so many people have built a business based on the gifts and the talents that they have, and that has helped them start generating some income and start to live better. [4:05]
  • In the process of giving back to those parents who have lost their jobs, I came across some parents or guardians who did not have an education but had bright and needy children. [4:21]
  • I collected all these children, and together with other Rotarians we got some money and we took some of them to secondary school in 2020. [4:51]
  • We got much less money in 2021 and had to use my own money which prompted me to come up with the idea of helping them build their own income by writing their own story. [5:11]
  • The whole idea was started by my 12-year-old writing her own stories and now we are rolling it out to all the children and parents in this program. [5:54]
  • By telling their story, it is helping them improve on their language, writing and computer skills and eventually the books sold will generate some income for them. [6:55]
  • We are just starting with telling a story at this point in time for the purpose of generating an income to be able to sustain themselves and his families. [8:02]
  • I have had so many requests and I am trying to find ways on how we could build this community where we help build a sustainable income for these families through the storytelling. [8:52]
  • Commercial break. [ 9:43]
  • Some of the impacts we are seeing is increased levels of confidence in these children that comes from knowing that they can change the world through their stor [11:43]
  • We have come together with the publisher and illustrator who did my daughter’s book to mentor this whole community that has come up. [13:02]
  • Our dream is to impact the country that we are in starting with the Nairobi town because there are a lot of bright children in informal settlements who are in difficult situations and need mentorship. [13:25]
  • We are hoping to get people to partner with us so that we can build this program and have the dreams of these children come true. [15:30]
  • In life, your footprint that you leave is the impact that you made in the society and touching these little ones is the best that one can do. [18:26]


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