Mid-Career Retirement – Matt Javit

Today’s episode is about flashing back to one of our most thought-provoking guests who will prompt you to think about the ways you can fast-forward your life towards more enjoyment. Matt Javit truly knows how to Shock His Potential!

A trip of a lifetime…and More!

That is how you can describe the 800-day journey Matt Javit and his wife took, that saw them visit 35 countries in five different continents. The countless adventures and personal connections made with strangers who became friends, make for the unforgettable experiences.

Having taken a career break (aka Mid-Career Retirement) to pursue the dream of traveling the world in early 2017, Matt began what would become an exciting and adventurous phase of his life.

Matt continues to experience the beauty of the world while at the same time documenting his journey, providing tips and hacks to help other travelers have even better experiences.

Along with his wife Nikki, Matt now manages many projects including a blog where they share travel tips and advice from around the world; a weekly podcast focusing on travel stories; World Barber Shop Adventures which is a docuseries that showcases the experiences in different barber shops around the world, and more.

Matt also showcases the different police officers that he encountered in 60+ cities as he journeyed around the world. Matt’s book, POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World is not only fun and captivating, but is inspiring as well.

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