Stage Manager to the Stars – Eddie Luisi

Welcome to a special month-long series called Flash-Back and Fast-Forward! Our host Michael Sherlock reaches back into the vault of our nearly 450 episodes to reflect on the guests who have had the most impact on her personally, and for her companies.

We kick off with Eddie Luisi, fondly referred to as the Stage Manager to the Stars! Not only does Eddie bring his own story and mission to life in these flashback segments, but he also plays a critical role in a new program that Shock Your Potential launches this Spring. Shock Your Media Potential will be the premiere location for expert guests and media professionals will connect.

The program officially launches March, 2022 with a Virtual Conference where Eddie Luisi and Michael Sherlock will showcase their more than 20 interviews with “Those in the know” in media. To learn more about the FREE virtual conference, or how to become a part of this exciting community, reach out to and include “Shock Your Media Potential Inquiry” in the subject line.

Now for our Flash-Back to Eddie!

Eddie Luisi is a man of many talents. Stage Manager at Good Morning America for most of the show’s nearly 47 years. Accomplished Musician, Mentor, and truly the nicest man on the planet.

Eddie and I sat down to discuss his career as well as his passion for infusing positivity. Eddie’s latest calling comes in the form of a weekly online ministry called Friends in the Spirit 111. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, Eddie will motivate you with universal messages of love, friendship and perseverance.

Eddie’s messages also give us excellent leadership and life lessons, from managing your business and team like a stage manager to remembering to bless others, especially those who are hardest in your life (or day) to bless.

Learn more about Eddie Luisi and “Friends in the Spirit 111” via his Facebook group:

And next time you watch Good Morning America and hear an infectious laugh from somewhere beyond the lights and cameras, that will be Eddie. A smile so bright, a laugh so genuine, and a spirit of blessings.

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