Nurture the Fire – Nick Jankel

How do we learn how to nurture the fire within each of us? Our guest today has the answer.

Nick Jankel is a thought leader whose ideas, tools and research are designed to take the pain out of transformation, blast through the barriers that block creativity and innovation and unleash conscious changes in leadership and life that bring less suffering and more thriving into the spaces we touch.

In today’s episode we talk about the 8 building blocks of agility, developing deep resilience, and embracing chaos as some of the key tools to remaining flexible in 2021 and beyond.

Nick is the co-founder of trailblazing leadership and personal development company Switch On and the chief architect of a rigorous methodology and philosophy for transformation, The Switch On Way. It blends the latest neuroscience with timeless wisdom from the great traditions. He has used The Switch On Way to lead organizations as diverse as Novartis, Nike and No.10 Downing Street to change and in his role as a coach and presenter on his own TV series on BBC. He has been featured in scores of publications ranging from the FT and the Guardian to the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times Style Magazine and has taught at Oxford, London Business School and Yale. He obtained a Triple 1st Class degree in Medicine & History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University, falling in love with ideas and knowledge that have influenced all his subsequent work.

Listen in!

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