Helping You Find Your Who – Tim Spiker

A chance invitation to a marketing presentation in college changed the career trajectory of today’s guest and put him on a life-long mission to investigate leadership effectiveness.

Tim Spiker is the author of the book “The Only Leaders Worth* Following” (, after interviewing hundreds of leaders.

In today’s episode we learn about critical research that shows that ¾ of your effectiveness as a leader comes from Who You Are rather than What You Do. Tim also talks about the importance of being Inwardly Sound, and Others Focused.

Time and his organization, The Aperio, help people become, be, and stay leaders who are actually worth following.

Tim’s work puts him in a variety of roles including delivering keynote talks, creating unique and customized learning experiences, and guiding long-term developmental journeys. He has worked with leadership teams in North America, Australia, and Asia.

If you sign up for one of Tim’s Journeys via his website ( and use Promo Code SHOCK, you will receive $500 off.

Listen in!


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