Think Unbroken – Michael Anthony

“The mindset is what you think, which becomes what you speak, and your words become your actions, and your actions become your reality.” Michael Anthony

Everyone hopes for the best life has to offer. Unfortunately, not many people get through life unscathed, and these experiences can end up causing long lasting effects and great suffering, especially if left unresolved. Michael Anthony was able to successfully overcome his trauma and says it’s all about discovering and creating your own identity.  

Michael Anthony is an advocate for adult survivors of child abuse, international speaker, and author. Michael has been called the “Tony Robbins of Trauma” and spends his time helping other survivors get out of The Vortex to become the hero of their own story and take their live back. Michael hosts both The Michael Unbroken and Think Unbroken Podcasts and blogs weekly at

In today’s episode, Michael talks about his journey to discovering himself, and how he helps others in the path towards healing and building the life of their dreams.

Listen in!

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  • Many people have had some darkness happen in their childhood, and that held true for me at four years old.
  • I spent the majority of my childhood deeply impoverished and homeless, lived with over 30 different families between eight to 12 years old.
  • I was adopted by my racist grandmother when I was 12 years, got high for the first time at 12, drunk when I was 13 years and by the time I was 15 years, I was expelled from school for selling drugs.
  • I eventually got a high school diploma and went to work but got fired and started to think to myself what the solution for poverty, homelessness and abuse was.
  • I made a declaration of myself that by the time I was 21, I wanted to make $100,000 a year, legally.
  • I landed a job with a fortune 10 company, and started making six figures, but my life became a disaster.
  • I decided that I was going to stop negotiating with myself and work for results, no excuses.
  • Trauma is not about the abuse but the theft of identity that we carry with us.
  • The brain’s only real true function is to make sure you survive.
  • In the three years after I decided to heal, I came to the realization that the truth about healing trauma is discovering and creating your identity.
  • My goal at Think Unbroken is very simple, end generational trauma in my lifetime through education and information by any means necessary.
  • The number one thing that I try to do when people come in, is teach them practical skills, but also the foundational understandings of causation and correlation.
  • You have got to get to that place to build the confidence in yourself, and be willing to have the courage to step through the threshold of the unknown, and find out whether who you think you are, is true or not.
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  • The mindset is what you think, which becomes what you speak, and your words become your actions and your actions become your reality.
  • I teach people when they come into coaching with me to be kind to themselves.
  • When you understand the truth about your mindset, and how you’ve been set up for failure from the jump, that you have to make conscientious decisions and choices to build the life that you want.
  • Authenticity is such a big part of the human experience and those who have suffered trauma, learn how to be inauthentic because they have to.
  • The best part about this is recognizing the truth that who you are today does not have to be who you are tomorrow.
  • The truth about life is that everything that you want is all possible, but you have to be willing to do everything possible to get results, no excuses.


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