Overlapping Alignment – Spencer Snakard

Are you living your personal and professional life with full expression? If not, our guest today can help.

Spencer Snakard is an Executive Transformation Coach who works with visionary entrepreneurs on a mission to make major impact. Spencer helps them to break through barriers to their next level of success, while learning to love life every step of the way.

In today’s episode we discuss how our own identities can limit us, understanding what we really want, and how remaining flexible in 2021 and beyond means that we should be striving to have the alignment of our personal and professional visions overlapping as much as possible.

Spencer has trained and coached for nearly 25 years, and her transformative programs cause profound and lasting shifts in her participants’ lives by getting to the heart of what drives us, what holds us back and what it takes to be truly fulfilled as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Listen in!

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