Personal Financial Strategy – Anthony King

“If you have anxiety about personal finance, there’s no time like the present, but you don’t know until you sit down and take a real wholehearted look at it.” Tony King

The ability to efficiently and effectively manage your finances and investments by making smart decisions is key to personal and entrepreneurial success. Tony King helps people manage their money by developing and following personal financial plan, and says that it all starts with adopting a system that enables people to be aware of their cash flows.  

Tony King founded Personal Financial Strategy to help people optimize their personal money management. Tony is passionate about managing money well, and he’s done it for over 40 years. His professional experience includes senior executive leadership of multi-million dollar health care sales teams, managing insurance sales teams, and owning his own financial consulting businesses. On a personal level, he has managed 7-figure personal assets, eliminated 5-figure personal debt and leveraged his cash flow to make great investments.

In today’s episode, Tony talks about his personal finance, and also gives tips on how to manage personal finances.

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  • I’ve been a corporate guy for most of my life working as a project manager, but all the while at home, I have been a personal finance nerd.
  • I started bringing little project management techniques into my personal money management, and before long I had a little system put together that sped that whole process up.
  • I left the corporate world in 2020 and decided to try and take some of these techniques that I had developed, and turn them into a business to help people with their finances.
  • I partnered with a guy who was developing a finance professional software called Lifestyle plan, which became the backbone of my business.
  • The beauty of our system is that it sorts out your entire financial life and pulls it together in one place.
  • The system records the data and then we develop a cash flow map for the last 90 days of expenses and analyze them.
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  • We coach people to approach expenses with a cash flow mindset.
  • If you have anxiety about personal finance, there’s no time like the present, but you don’t know until you sit down and take a real wholehearted look at it.


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