Providence Heights – Christine Soule

“We are all unqualified, and that is a beautiful place to be. Just keep learning and growing.” Christine Soule

In the course of life, we go through different experiences that largely shape our present selves. Some of these we have control of and some we don’t, yet they all prepare us for a greater purpose ahead. Our guest today, Christine Soule, has been through the most challenging moments in her life. Yet, she overcame them and now uses her experiences to provide life changing opportunities for women undergoing similar circumstances as she did in her community.

Christine Soule’s parents were divorced when she was only five years old. For the remainder of her childhood, she only saw her dad a handful of times. Her mom was married four times, and she considers her to be her absolute hero. All her mum’s marriages except the last were filled with adultery, abuse, neglect, and addiction. Christine has three biological siblings, of which two of her brothers were raised by her dad, whereas her sister bounced back and forth. She met another fifteen of them at her dad’s funeral. Her sister ended up having an affair with her adopted father, which made her sister become her stepmom and her dad her brother-in-law. This made her begin to spiral out of control.

 Christine began doing drugs and alcohol at thirteen, and by the time she was seventeen, she was pregnant with her first baby girl. Less than two years later, she had identical twin boys. While living a gay lifestyle, Christine was also a drug addict and an alcoholic being abused and trafficked. She then realized she can’t live like this any longer and that her babies deserved more.

One day, Christine fell to her knees, and I cried out to God, “if you are real, take my life – it’s yours!” Right then, she tangibly felt the power and presence of God, and she knew He was real. She knew He could change her life and that she needed to put her trust in Him. She ended up throwing away all of the drugs and alcohol and never had a desire, temptation or withdrawal since! She was completely set free and has never turned back since.  Today, she is married to the most amazing man on planet earth, and they have five children and two grandbabies. They have followed hard after God, and as a result, feel so abundantly blessed in every way.

In today’s episode, Christine will talk about her passion for helping women on the verge of being homeless and her motivation to bring out the potential of people around her.

Listen in!

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  • My parents were divorced when I was five years old, started doing drugs at the age of 10, got pregnant with my first child at 17 years, and less than two years later, I had identical twin boys. [2:49]
  • I hated the world, and one day at 21, I fell to my knees, cried out to God to take my life, and I so tangibly felt the power and presence of God. [3:15]
  • My experience set me out on this journey of figuring out who this Jesus guy is and how to survive with my three babies. [3:42]
  • I wrote a check to the only person I knew who went to a Christian church and is also the person I’ve been married to for 24 years. [4:15]
  • I went from extreme poverty to marrying what I believe is the most generous man in the world who allowed me to live a life of philanthropy. [4:37]
  • For many years, I had the opportunity to pour into people’s lives working with other organizations to have an impact. [5:46]
  • One day I was driving down the road and encountered a homeless woman sitting on the side of the road. [6:00]
  • At that moment in my car, I knew that I needed to go and make an impact, and that’s where providence heights began. [6:42]
  • There are so many amazing organizations that work with the homeless, and for us, we target to get them before they end up with all of the trauma of being homeless. [7:02]
  • All of us, at some point in our lives have been at the edge of the cliff and the next critical steps that we take determines whether we start to fall off that cliff. [7:54]
  • We are all about prevention, and when we bring them in, we offer entrepreneurial skills where we discover who they are and let them run with it. [8:40]
  • We are in the Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue, Washington, with 88 rooms available to us in the first year and a plan to expand to 138 rooms in the second year. [13:24]
  • We are focused on having a spirit of excellence in everything that we do so that when we bring our next group of ladies in, the original ones will be training the next group. [14:11]
  • We partner with Union gospel mission and other shelters in the area, so we’re like step two for the women or preventive before they end up homeless. [15:34]
  • We have amazing structures where we ask that they focus on programs working on their collective or life coaching. [16:44]
  • Commercial break. [19:52]
  • We have a vision that we’re going to have apartment complexes with retail space, office space, and apartment complexes for everyday people to live in and women in need. [21:51]
  • Everything we make at Providence heights 100% rolls right back into caring for people in need. [22:43]
  • The objective is to create more and more buildings to house more and more people, set them free, and launch them into their destiny. [23:06]
  • Amazing donors, friends, and partners that we have are how we’re funding this. [24:04]
  • Sustainability has been a real focus from the very beginning, and it is critical, not only for us but also for the ladies. [25:53]
  • Believe in yourself, go for it, and go big. There’s so much potential and purpose in a person’s life. [28:06]
  • So many people get stuck in the career they started in, yet they have zero desire to do it, so start to pursue your passion and be creative. [28:14]


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