Content is Key – Pavlina Osta

What can people who want more time in front of a news camera do in order to become news worthy?

Having had significant media experience from a tender age of 11, Pavlina Osta has a ton of insights to share for anyone who wishes to stand out in media.

In the course of her life, Pavlina Osta has accomplished the unimaginable. She is an award-winning multimedia personality and she’s a best-selling author of 20 Things Every Motivated 20-Somethings Should Know. She’s a content creator, producer, host, serial entrepreneur among others. She’s constantly interviewed about pop culture and at age 11, she hosted her first radio talk show.

In her media journalism career, Pavlina has interviewed over 600 notable celebrities, and has in the process earned herself a Guinness World Record for the most radio interviews conducted in a 24 hour period, which was 347.

Now today, at age 24, this groundbreaking Gen Z commentator continues to make waves and impact in the media industry, especially in her new position as news anchor for TV 6 in Marquette, Michigan.

Listen and find out what you can learn.


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