Ride the Wave.Video – Kate Skavish

You have only 7 seconds to capture attention with your social media videos. Our guest today makes sure you use those seconds wisely.

Kate Skavish is an entrepreneur and serves as the Chief Visionary Officer at Wave.video. Kate is responsible for facilitating business development, strategic partnerships, and the direction of the company’s growth. Holding a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics allows Kate to say that numbers (KPIs in particular) truly are a girl’s best friend.

In today’s episode we learn more about Wave.video and the critical role that video plays in a company’s marketing objectives. She also reminds us that in order to truly leave 2020 behind and prepare for a new year, we must appreciate the struggles and new skills we have acquired, and put it all into perspective.

As a co-founder of two businesses, a mother of two children, and an immigrant, Kate knows all too well that no matter how detailed any research and projections can be, assumptions and expectations hardly ever match the end result. She firmly believes that a struggle is sometimes the best motivation for innovation and positive change.

Connect with Kate:

Through her website wave.video.com