We Give Your Business A Voice – John C. Morley

“What I’ve learned is everything happens in life to help us become better versions of ourselves.” John C. Morley

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with numerous learning opportunities that are sometimes pleasant and most of the time difficult and unpleasant. The attitude towards these learning opportunities is often central to how successful entrepreneurs turn out to be. Our guest today, John Morley has been through many of such instances and attributes his success to persistence and having an attitude of gratitude.

John C. Morley started his first company just about 30 years ago and as a passionate serial entrepreneur, he didn’t stop there.  He later went on to build his own marketing and full print publication production center. Today he gets people more quality connections on LinkedIn by telling their stories in a unique way.

John is a serial entrepreneur, engineer and marketing expert with a personality that you will want on your show. His diverse experience from serving small business to enterprise environments make him someone that just doesn’t understand technology but lives it. Two of our world’s largest international banks have chosen John’s company because they know that he is the mastermind of the company’s operations.

Since the inception of John’s tech company, he had one of NY’s largest marketing and advertiser companies working for him. Several years ago he realized they were not making the progress they should. So he decided to fire them; John knew that no-one would know his company as well as he did. He researched the concept of starting his own full in-house digital and print production company. The first few years John made lots of mistakes but quickly realized how to reach his clients and the right way to do so. Later on, he concluded that there was a void in the market place and that he knew how to market companies to get their message out to the world. Thus John trademarked the phrase “We Give your Business a Voice”™.John Morley

John’s Specialties include : CEO, Technology leader, Innovator, Thought Leader, Engineer & Marketer

In today’s episode, John recounts his journey to becoming an entrepreneur as well as the events that led him to starting his company.

Listen in!

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  • The company started off when I was in college around 1993 so the company is about 32 years young. [2:42]
  • When I was in college, and I still am today, I liked to help other people and being a first responder. [3:22]
  • While in college, I knew that there was a void in the technology market and people weren’t doing the right things which led me to start a company. [3:57]
  • I learned you could make a certain amount of money before you had to get formal. [4:43]
  • I went through a lot of accounting programs, and I found a lot of them out there which were very expensive and left you indebted to them. [8:29]
  • I had this marketing advertising company who gave us a discount at the time but my business was not going anywhere. [8:53]
  • After college I went back and got my certification, Hypnosis, NLP neuro linguistic programming and also I got my Reiki level two certification. [9:56]
  • I remember creating my first mp3 and I was so happy I made my first subliminal hypnosis program, and I would listen to it every night. [10:20]
  • I got a loan from the bank and started a print business where we struggled for the first couple years and then after that, we build a full print production graphic, medium Digital Design Center. [11:38]
  • I then decided to go for my lungs and build a new center with a video production center, a photo center and next year, we’ll be launching our own green screen studio. [17:54]
  • A lot of these superstores have the equipment but not the greatest equipment, and they don’t have the right knowledge. [18:31]
  • I have the knowledge of better equipment and we’ve been doing videos religiously for over a year. [18:37]
  • I run an internship school where I have about five interns now working with me. [19:37]
  • My biggest thing is teaching people how to network where it is usually all about you. [20:08]
  • I’m also the leading host of the J Moore tech talk show a national talk show and we just became a TV show about seven months ago in Princeton. [20:47]
  • I just love to have conversations with people and understand what their challenges are. [21:59]
  • The agenda that I have is to help everyone become better versions of themselves. [22:15]
  • What I’ve learned is everything happens in life to help us become better versions of ourselves. [24:03]
  • Commercial break. [24:50]
  • If everybody likes you in this world, then you’re not bringing your A game. [28:22]
  • Another lesson I’ve learned in the entrepreneurial world is that you can be or have anything you want but you have to realize that your inner voice runs your subconscious. [28:50]
  • Look at the things you’re doing and realize that no one in life has the right to make you feel inferior about yourself, except one person. [28:29]
  • You have to know when to say no. [30:13]
  • When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. [32:07]
  • My advice to you is to document appropriately with whatever authority wherever you have to document things, because people will try to rain on your parade every single day. [32:29]
  • Realize that your inner team is the one you want with you while you keep other people outside your circle. [33:49]
  • If you have a vision, and it’s clear in your head, be very descriptive and make sure you know every little detail about it. [34:51]
  • The universe will unfold that to you, if you are persistent and have a good attitude, and make sure that you maintain an attitude of gratitude. [35:08]


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