Selling on Trust – Not Price – Yoram Solomon

What is the value of trust? People will not buy something from someone they don’t trust. As a salesperson, building trust with your customers is critical, and it may even allow you to sell at a higher price when trust is established.

Dr. Yoram Solomon is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, a TEDx speaker, and an adjunct professor at SMU and Hadassah College in Israel. He is also the author of Can I Trust You?: 50+1 Habits that will make you a trustworthy salesperson (

Yoram built his trust model by years of original research, experience as a CEO, an elected official, an innovator, a teacher, a pilot, and also as a member of Israel’s IDF 35th Airborne Brigade.

Listen in while Yoram shares his top 10 (+ 1) tips for selling on trust, not price.

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