Selling Ultra High Value – Jessica Yarbrough

“I learned a long time ago that if I don’t see and own my value, no one else around me will.” Jessica Yarbrough

Finding the balance between what you believe your offering is worth, and what you think your clients are willing to pay for, can be daunting. Understanding pricing dynamics and strategies, then going ahead to implementing it will enable you earn more, all the while creating value for your clients. Our guest today Jessica Yarbrough, helps entrepreneurs command higher prices and says that seeing and owning one’s value is key to moving to the higher levels.

Jessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best business strategists for coaches and consultants who want to sell and scale ultra-high-end services. Her background is in international business and she has built multiple companies.

Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build their credibility online and attract high paying clients. She travels the world teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and helping them grow their influence and make the income and impact they desire.

In today’s episode, Jessica talks about how she helps entrepreneurs to become of high value in their respective markets. She also shades insights on why it is important for entrepreneurs to have a coach to guide them through their transformation.

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  • I am a business consultant and strategist and entrepreneurs come to me when they want to sell ultra-high value. [3:14]
  • You have to be able to step into your worth and into the value that you bring to the table and position that in the marketplace. [7:36]
  • We teach people our value because no one’s ever going to volunteer and ask if they can pay you more money. [8:41]
  • Many people come to me with decades of experience and yet they’re struggling still with that imposter syndrome. [8:54]
  • They need someone who can shine the light on what’s possible to them, give them a strategy that works, and give them the confidence to go after it. [9:19]
  • There’s an internal confidence that comes and once you sell the first one, you can ride that momentum. [13:18]
  • We work with our clients and free up your time so that you’re staying in your zone of genius. [14:36]
  • There’s such a ripple effect from a mindset to the business strategy and capabilities into what you’re actually doing with your life. [14:52]
  • Commercial break. [16:39]
  • The program is called expert accelerator, and that’s exactly what we help you do which is to accelerate your expertise online so you can command those high prices. [18:55]
  • The top lessons I can highlight is one, hold the vision trust the process. [19:54]
  • Whatever is being sold, it’s going to take determination, grit, and at times getting knocked down and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. [21:06]
  • If you can play the long-term game and hold that vision, you can get to your goals. [21:15]
  • The second one is stepping up and owning your worth. [22:54]
  • I learned a long time ago that if I don’t see and own my value, no one else around me will. [23:02]
  • If I could go back and fast forward, I would try my best to really ramp up finances to be able to invest in next level mentorship that could have catapulted me into my goals much faster. [23:36]
  • I cannot stress the importance of having someone in your corner that really knows what they’re talking about to illuminate the path to success for you. [24:03]
  • It is great to have that information, but information without guidance is like trying to find your way out of a forest without a compass. [25:21]
  • Momentum and taking action is key, so get help sooner, both with the coach and hiring a team when you’re ready. [27:16]
  • If you feel you need to start on something, lean and trust that intuition and make sure that you take a massive action towards that. [29:36]
  • Don’t fall prey to the law of diminishing intent, which says the longer that you wait to do something you know you should do, the less likely you are to do it. [29:51]


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