The Reluctant Entrepreneur – Laurie Gilbertson

“My biggest lesson so far from entrepreneurship is that if you can’t find it, make it for yourself.” Laurie Gilbertson

Communication is an essential component of life both professionally and personal. Good communication skills allows for accurate and quicker understanding of information. This is according to our guest today Laurie Gilbertson, who further says that it is about preparing and mastering the confidence to pass and receive information.

Laurie Gilbertson is a former New York City sex crimes, organized crime, and homicide prosecutor, television legal analyst, educator, and entrepreneur. As the owner of Tribeca Blue Consulting, she helps professionals communicate with clarity, confidence, and creativity in their public speaking, presentations, trial work, and media appearances.

In todays episode, Laurie talks about her passion for entrepreneurship and how she is helping people use communication tools to get better outcomes.

Listen in!

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  • I am the founder of Tribeca Blue Consulting where I work with executives, entrepreneurs and trial lawyers to develop and hone their communications and public speaking skills. [2:17]
  • Good communication is an essential leadership skill, and the great thing is that it can be learned. [2:31]
  • There are so many easy and practical ways to make communication clear, engaging, and persuasive and that’s exactly what I help my clients with. [2:48]
  • People need to be prepared to get not just their message across, but really who they are and who their company is. [3:30]
  • The bottom line is it leads to more profits for businesses and happier clients. [3:44]
  • I do it with group trainings and interactive workshops, both online and one-on-one coaching as well. [4:23]
  • The idea of presenting something in that succinct think and coherent way is that you are thinking not of all the things you can say but of how you can make it easy for your audience. [9:30]
  • The second part of that is listening which is a huge part of communication. [9:54]
  • By just asking questions and listening, you learn so much, and it helps so much for when you are going to open your mouth and talk. [11:02]
  • Commercial break. [11:20]
  • I never expected to be an entrepreneur so I call myself the reluctant entrepreneur. [14:38]
  • Probably my biggest lesson so far from entrepreneurship is that if you can’t find it, make it for yourself. [16:20]
  • There are so many opportunities that people have to really do work that is important to them, that provides value to people. [16:29]
  • If people need a big change, just start thinking about what changes you can make in your mindset. [21:00]
  • My first rule for everyone is that it is about being yourself and not about fitting into some mold. [22:34]
  • I do tell clients, to be really proud of themselves for taking them that step to know that they are stepping out of a comfort zone in some way. [25:14]
  • Like with all great communication, it’s not about you but the value that you are bringing that no one else is. [25:56]
  • One of my favorite quotes from Howard Thurman, says “don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself, What makes you come alive, then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” [27:51]


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